It’s Good to Be Wealthy


It’s Good to Be WealthyNo one will tell you that money solves all of life’s problems (well, no one with half a brain, at least) but you can’t argue that it does have its advantages. Wealth can bring security to your life and give you the reassurance that you can afford the necessities and even afford to have some fun and follow your passions. Being wealthy is still a huge responsibility and if you don’t spend or invest your money well, it can end up adding more problems and stress into your life. Being responsible with your wealth, however, can make you feel happy and fulfilled at the deepest levels.

Follow Your Passion

Whether you want to start a business, travel the world, or do your part to solve world hunger; money is the access key to getting started. Being wealthy will insure that you have—or can get—the resources necessary to pursue your goals and make your dreams a reality.

Investing your wealth in what you are most passionate about is one of the best ways you can spend your money.  This is your wealth and, more importantly, your life. So don’t let anyone else tell you what you should do with it.

Of course, money isn’t the only factor. You also need your fair share of ambition and perseverance. But as a wealthy person, you can be confident that the only thing that can stop you from following your passions is you. So stop making excuses, get out there and follow your passion! Continue reading

Health Benefits of Extreme Sports


Benefits of Extreme SportsIf you have never tried extreme sports, you are really missing out. Just watching them can make them seem too intimidating to try—as if you have to have some serious courage even to try. But the fact is, most of the courage comes after you have started doing extreme sports. Living life on the edge teaches you that you are stronger than you think and that builds courage and self confidence.

What exactly counts as extreme sports, you might be asking. These are sports that include a certain element of danger. Of course, there is danger in any sport—you might throw out your back playing golf or sprain your ankle running—but extreme sports take it to the next level. Extreme sports are those sports that give you that adrenaline rush because doing them means risking death. Base jumping, surfing, moth sailing, skydiving are all included in the category along with a lot more. There are a million benefits of doing extreme sports. So here are just a few of them to get you motivated:

Self Confidence

Studies have shown that extreme sports can boost your mood and your confidence (yes, actual scientists have studied extreme sports. They were Australians, obviously). This is because extreme sports help you overcome your fears and show you that you are capable of doing way more than you ever dreamed of. It’s hard not to feel on top of the world when you have done something that scares the hell out of you and lived to see another day. You’ll be stronger, more confident, and ready to take on a new and even more challenging task. Continue reading

Motivate Yourself into the Healthy Lifestyle


Motivate Yourself into the Healthy LifestyleLiving a healthy lifestyle is not just about being responsible and trying to tack on a few extra years to the end of your life. All too often being healthy seems to mean sacrificing fun and pleasure along the way. And if that’s the case, why bother? A shorter but more fulfilling life seems far more desirable than a longer but miserable one.

But the fact of the matter is, those aren’t your only options. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be miserable and, in fact, it can actually make your life a lot more enjoyable. Here are some of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle:

Better Mood

Eating healthy and staying active can do wonders for your mood. At the biological level, both of these things release hormones that contribute to lowering stress and boosting happiness. At the mental level, it makes you feel more self-confident and motivated. All around, the way you live reflects on the way you feel. So if you are a lethargic couch potato, you are going to feel (and probably look) like a lethargic couch potato. If you are fit and active, you are going to feel like.

Having Fun

It’s not tough to see that active, healthy people have more fun. Not only does it get supremely boring sitting around the house all day when compared to going out and playing sports or exploring the wilderness; but they are physically capable of having more fun. They have more energy, strength, and stamina which is great for outdoors and in the bedroom! Continue reading

Moth Sailing: The Art of Gliding


Moth Sailing: The Art of GlidingMoth sailing is one of the greatest extreme sports out there. Being out there on the water, flying across and seemingly defying physics can add up to one of the most fulfilling pastimes you will ever try.

Moth sailing lets you experience a kind of beauty and philosophical understanding you can’t always put easily in words. Plus there are huge benefits to doing this sport and living an active lifestyle in general.

If you have been reading this and thinking, “Well, that’s all well and good but what exactly is moth sailing?” Then read on to figure out what exactly we are talking about here:

Moth Sailing: The Basics

Looking at the hydrofoil moth boat, your first impression will probably be some degree of bewilderment. No part of its design looks like it should work. But its design is uniquely structured for speed and dexterity. It can fly through water silently and quickly. It is wholly unlike any other kind of sailing.

Certain designs of moth can reach speeds above 30 knots (that’s nearly 60 kilometers per hour). All designs are built for racing but whether you compete or just do it on your own time, moth sailing is an amazing way to both relax and have fun.

The design of the boat makes it highly aerodynamic and much more streamlined. While it moves through the air and water much more easily because of this, it does make it a little more complex to maneuver at first so here are the basics of how to handle a moth boat: Continue reading

Jun 26

Check out These 10 Awesome Foiling Boats

Check out These 10 Awesome Foiling BoatsFor those who already know what a foiling boat is, you’re definitely in the right place to see some of the best available today. For everyone else, a little introduction will go far in explaining just what a foil boat is and how it’s supposed to be used. Basically, foiling boats, dinghies or moth boats are essentially the same types of vessels. These are small, slim and streamlined boats designed for single occupancy and made for solo users to travel fast and light over the water. With the rising popularity of moth boats in particular, you may have seen some foiling boats recently without realizing it.

You don’t even need a reason to like sailing with the C-Fly, which allows you to navigate along the water while lying back, almost as if you were sitting in your favorite recliner. This little number took almost 15 years to fully develop and the wait was well worth it. Not that the process is done – right now the boat is a sort of prototype, meant for hugging coasts with its smallish 7.6 m body.

Whether you’re a professional like me or someone who takes to the water far less often, you absolutely must have a boat which works. The Foiling Radio Controlled Yacht is perfect for sailors of all skill levels, mostly because it doesn’t work in the normal, mechanical method. I mean, it is mechanical, but you use a radio control to make turns and create other action, so it’s a bit different from the usual fare. The boat works great though.

Next we’ve got the New Zealand R Class Skiff, which is an excellent choice for those who want to try foiling but are new to the field. It’s one of the only two-handed foiling boats which allow for a considerable velocity to be reached; others are, for the most part, simply too heavy to get going very fast. The increased level of control makes this foil a favorite for beginners.

It’s no secret that sailing helps lead a healthy lifestyle since it uses just about every muscle group in your body – especially when you fall off and have a sudden need to swim. A group of sailors looking to keep fit would probably love the AC72, which is a kind of giant foiling boat meant to be piloted by a whole crew of people rather than a single user. There’s a lot more bulk to this boat, so it takes a lot more power to keep it aligned and running along a designated path.

For larger pilots, larger foiling boats are generally needed. They are usually light and somewhat frail, allowing only for weights of up to 80 kg before performance starts to suffer and risk of damage starts to become an issue. The RS600 by Linton Jenkins of Full Force Boats is a bigger, sturdier version of the popular racing boat made to accommodate larger people. It’s pretty much perfect for those who are too big to work the smaller foils.

Many newcomers to foiling think the boat is what really makes the device. While this is somewhat true, the fact is that foils can be placed on almost anything which will float. Even vessels which would normally appear too bulky or shaped in a bad way for foiling can be made to glide with the best of them, given an experienced designer or enthusiast who knows what they’re doing. If you want to see more about this, just do a quick search for the Optimist which was converted into a foiling boat by Adam May and Katherine Knight.

The Mirabaud LX is one of the newest types of foiling boats, designed specifically to work on calmer, flat waters, like those which can usually be found in European lakes and other isolated bodies of water, as opposed to the open ocean. What originally started as a simple 18 foot skiff was made into a massive foiling machine by skilled hands, and it’s surprisingly fast given its length. How might this be possible? Well, by removing a good deal of the boat’s hull, much of the weight and drag was removed as well. This thing is light, fast and admittedly dangerous.

If you’re not sure what to wear when sailing then a foiling boat with a bit of extra cargo space to store a change of clothes might be exactly what you’re looking for. In this case, you’ll want to check out the Hydroptere, a record-breaking foiling boat with multiple hulls and a giant body overall. This foiling boat is big and sturdy, so it’s probably not the fastest among all those listed here. It certainly has the extra storage space and room some sailors are looking for, however.

The International Moth is a good example of what can happen when a sport which is popular in one part of the world tries to appeal to people from another corner of the globe. These specific foiling boats are so popular now that people are using them all throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, not just in the western world. They’re stable, fast and built solid. What more could one ask for?

Last but certainly not least of all, take a look at the SYZ & CO sponsored foiling boat, which was designed and built specifically for the people at the Swiss private banking group from which the boat took its namesake. This is a project which has been a work in progress since back in 2009, and while it hasn’t seen much professional use yet, other boats on this list took nearly three times as much time to be finally completed and clear the design phase.

With these ten different foiling boats to check out, you’ll have plenty of reading and picture viewing to do if you want to see them all. That said, feel free to bring back any information you find out there and share it with the rest of us. People are always looking for technical specs, manufacturing information and more, so don’t be shy if you’ve got any.

Jun 25

Hunting on the Water

Hunting on the WaterWhen you think about finding game in or around the water, fishing is usually the method that comes to mind. This is especially true when you’re talking about looking for animals on the water, like if you’re already in a boat or some other vessel and surrounded on all sides by the stuff. However, with the right equipment and a lightweight boat that doesn’t disturb the water much, it’s possible to hunt from on a vessel too. I’m talking about ducks, geese and other waterfowl, though I suppose certain other animals wouldn’t be out of the question depending on what body of water you’re monitoring.

While you might not think so from a look, the moth variety of boat is actually perfect for hunting while on the water. It’s light and small, sleek and fast, able to move quickly without causing much disturbance to the surrounding water. This allows you, the hunter, to quickly move to an advantageous position before taking a shot which you might otherwise lose while trying to move around more slowly on the land or in the marsh. More than that, the light weight of your typical moth or foiling boat also means it can navigate waters where larger boats would end up beached or stuck.

Now naturally, I wouldn’t recommend using a firearm while actively riding on one of these boats, even if you live in a country where it’s legal to do so. The risks are just too high when you consider the degree of control you have over your position and compare it to just how much the water underneath you controls. No, if you were to hunt using this method, it would definitely need to be with a bow and arrows, or perhaps with a spear. The spear would be best for fishing… in which case you would just be fishing. Arrows are far better for winging birds and bringing down other small game though.

A good knife is another necessity, especially when you could get tangled up in your lines while on the boat you’re using to hunt in the first place. You can find knives and even boots which are suitable for boating at, which is a website I check once in a while to see new types of blades and boots, myself. It’s a great resource for information but not really a place to go to shop for such items. You could always take what you learn there and employ it when shopping elsewhere though.

Though the method is perhaps unconventional, using a small and mobile boat like a moth to hunt things on the water doesn’t exempt you from the same restrictions faced by those going over the land. Be sure to hunt only during the proper season for whatever animals you’re trying to get. Don’t go thinking that you won’t get stopped by someone from your country’s natural resources agency just because you’re on the water. If anything, you should realize you will stand out even more and play things closer to the line because of this fact.

May 07

Tips On Skin Care

Tips On Skin CareI had an opportunity to attend a fashion event last week. The event was organized by one of my friends in the professional sailors club we have set up. I found the show quite awesome and said so to my friend.

Most importantly, I was drawn by the flawless skin of the models displaying the fashion wear. My friend commented that proper skin care with the special microdermabrasion machine advanced machines could give you instant and glowingly smooth skin. He had some interesting skin care tips to share with me. Here are a few of them.

Our skin has several vital functions, as it is the organ, which is the largest in our body. It has several functions including being the first defense against infection and disease by protecting the body from invasion of foreign objects, dirt and bacteria. It also protects the internal body organs from injury and regulates body temperature and fluids, so the balance is maintained well.

Skin also protects from the harmful Ultraviolet rays. You also get sensory nerve endings for detecting temperature and texture changes in the skin. When skin is healthy and smooth without any breaks it looks appealing and gives you a radiant look. When your skin has a healthy glow, it shows that your body is healthy too. Skin care actually involves both internal and external care.

Internal care

For internal care, you need to take care of the nutrition you supply to your body. When you eat a balanced and nutritious diet that includes fresh fruits, liquids, vegetables and proteins the skin will look healthy and vibrant. Increase protein intake is necessary, when you are having skin problems like surgical incisions and pressure sores.

Circulation is the next significant criterion that you should take care of for keeping your skin looking healthy. The skin is supplied by numerous blood vessels, so you need to maintain proper circulation for a healthy skin. Avoiding certain habits and behaviors will help preventing circulatory problems that can harm skin health. Smoking is one habit that causes extensive damage to skin, produces premature aging, wrinkles and several other risk factors.

Frequent edema can cause the skin over the edematous region to become pale, thin, and easily susceptible to injury. This is because of the poor circulation in such regions. Edema is well avoided, if you elevate your hands and legs and perform regular exercises that include a wider spectrum of body parts. Vascular disease due to smoking, high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes is also another leading cause of skin problem that can be managed by treating the underlying causes.

External skin care

Avoid using antimicrobial or antibacterial soaps as these alter the normal flora of skin causing defective functioning of the normal infection prevention action of the skin. Harsh lotions or soaps should be avoided.  Proper skin care treatments, like dermabrasion (read valuable info here), helps in keeping the skin smooth and glowing.

The skin crease areas such as groins and underarms should be washed frequently to prevent rashes here. Rashes all over the body may result due to allergies to drugs or food. Avoid anything that causes skin irritation.

May 08

Why Eating Meat Actually Improves your Health

Why Eating Meat Actually Improves your HealthDuring one of my recent trips on my moth, I met up with another fellow moth enthusiast. He was addicted to sailing just like me and confided that if he can, he would take it up even during the weekdays.

While we were talking about sailing and the problems faced in maintaining the moth, he mentioned that he had not been doing much sailing in recent times, due to his failing health. His doctors had told him to cut down the meats and take to vegetables and fruits instead. While the trend towards vegetarian foods is a healthy one, I still prefer my meats, especially the meatballs that my wife makes with her new meat grinder, which is exactly this one.

In recent years, many of the Western diseases have been attributed to eating meat. The truth is man has been consuming meat for many generations, so blaming the new health issues on foods as old as civilization does not ring true.

However, one thing I can relate to is that natural and unprocessed meat is certainly a healthy food. So start going in the forests and hunt for some deer meat. Then come by to me, and I promise you, my wife and her meat grinder (which she found at going to fill up our tummies to the fullest.

Just joking. Other than that, there are more reasons that make meat a healthy food. Here are a few important ones, which I’m sure all meat enthusiasts would be relieved to read.

Evolutionary fact

Ever since humans existed, they have been consuming meat. Our digestive system is structured to digest the nutrients, proteins and fats found in the animal foods. Humans are created to eat both plants and animals. We are omnivores with a shorter digestive system, when compared to the herbivores so we are not in possession of specialized organs that digest cellulose, which is the key fiber ingredient found in plants.

Meat is also one of the vital reasons for humans being able to evolve the skills and intellect they now possess. The facts available right from the time of pre human ancestors indicates that we are structured to consume animal foods and benefit from the nutrients they have.

Nutritious food

Meat in unprocessed form has a highly nutritious content. Raw ground beef contains vitamins B12, B6, B3, Zinc, Selenium, Iron and other minerals and vitamins. Vitamin B12 especially is one vitamin that cannot be assimilated from any plant source. Unprocessed meat is also a healthy source of fats with more Omega -3 content present in them. Meat also contains many other lesser known macro and micronutrients that are essential for the normal functioning of our body.

Less health risk

Meat does not contribute to high-risk diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The high saturated fat content in meat has been cited as the reason for the high-risk claims. However, studies done on this aspect show that saturated fat does not increase the bad cholesterol levels and is not related to heart disease risk. While processed meat does increase the risk factors, this is not so with case of unprocessed meat. So, if you intend to avoid the risks of such diseased say no to processed meat and take to eating only unprocessed meat.

Apr 23

6 reasons to like sailing and boats in general

6 reasons to like sailing and boats in generalThe tradition and the history of sailing dates over 3000 years, with the sailboat being considered one of the most important inventions in the history of humans. One of the most popular boats were those similar to kayaks. While sailing has been used for a number of different purposes in the past, today sailing is considered to be mostly a recreational activity.

Sailing is enjoyed by a large number of people worldwide and it proves to be an ideal vacation out in the ocean waters.

While there can be many reasons to like boats, we will take a look at some of the top reasons why the various activities have gained so much popularity and are still widely sought after by people all over the world.

Here are our top 6 reasons to like sailing and boats:

  • Reason No. 1: Relaxation

Sailing on a yacht is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. There is no better feeling than soaking about in the sun around the clear blue waters. Sailing is one activity, which will help you forget your daily troubles and will allow you to liven up your mind and your spirits. You can also go fishing from your sailing boat, which is extremely relaxing. Apart from that, you can also fish from other types of boats, like these kayaks here.

  • Reason No. 2: Searching for adventure

Man has always been an explorer and sailing proves to be an extension to man’s search for adventure. With a lot of new areas to be explored and offering a good deal of mental and physical workout, sailing is definitely an adventurous and thrilling activity. Other types of boats can also provide thrill and adventure, like rafting and kayaking, for those of you who are adrenaline junkies.

  • Reason No. 3: Flotilla

With an increase in sailing skills, you can go about exploring new places out in the ocean, including a number of sailing vacation spots and flotilla destinations, spread out all over the oceans.

  • Reason No. 4: Solitude

It isn’t easy to find solitude in a city. However, when out sailing, one can enjoy a blissful and serene experience, without the chatters and hustle bustle of daily life. Sailing can allow you to leave your chaotic world behind for a while and enjoy a quiet vacation on your own.

  • Reason No. 5: Enjoying good company

Sailing proves to be one of the best ways to bond with friends and family. While there may be many other ways to bond with others and to enjoy company, when out sailing, there is no bother of other tourists or chaos. The solitude allows a group to be more focused and to build everlasting memories with each other.

  • Reason No. 6: A unique experience

Sailing is an experience like none other and the best part of it is that not even two sailing experiences are alike. Whenever you set sail, you will be out on a unique experience. Even if you plan on revisiting areas you have earlier visited, the waters and islands in the ocean are ever changing, offering new sights and sounds every time.

These are only some of the reasons why you might like sailing and there could be plenty of others as well. Sailing is definitely one of the best recreational activities that can be enjoyed both in a group or as an individual.

Apr 22

What should you wear when going sailing

What should you wear when going sailingWhen going out sailing, there are a few considerations that you should make, before deciding on what clothes to wear. You will need to consider clothing which keeps your body at a comfortable temperature, allows for unrestricted movement and is durable and long lasting. Also – comfortable shoes.

The most important thing to consider is that the clothing you choose can keep you warm, even on the wettest and windiest of days. If the body cools down too much, it may cause hypothermia, leading to drowsiness and clumsiness.

As such, you should always ensure to wear proper clothing when going out sailing. While there is no absolute code for clothes to wear when going out sailing, here are some of the recommended clothing options for you to consider:

  • Wet Suit

It is recommended to wear or to carry a wet suit when sailing, especially if the day is not dry and sunny. Wet suits can keep you warm and pad you against any attacks from cold winds. Wet suits also offer unrestricted movement.

  • Shoes

When choosing shoes for sailing, it is important to select closed toe shoes. Running shoes, which can withstand repeated cycles of wetting and drying, are ideal shoes for sailing. Another good choice are comfortable shoes similar to those worn by nurses – like the ones at .

  • Polypropylene Top

Polypropylene long sleeved tops prove to be excellent for wet days as they can help keep the body from getting cold. It is recommended to choose tops with zippered necks, which can help avoid over heating of the body on humid and warm days.

  • Dry Top

While dry suits were quite popular among sailors in the earlier days, it was soon found that these suits would restrict a lot of movement. A much better alternative to dry suits is to simply make use of dry tops, which are essentially the top parts of a spray suit or dry suit. A dry top will not only prevent most of the water from reaching the body, but it also prevents water from evaporating and excessively cooling the body.

  • Shorts

While you may be wearing a wet suit, it is recommended that you always wear a pair of shorts over it so as to prevent it from wear and tear. Make sure to choose rugged shorts, those which can withstand some amount of abuse.

  • Life Jacket

While a life jacket is primarily meant for safety, a good life jacket not only helps keep you warm, but can also provide excellent padding.

  • Hats

A hat is always great to carry around on a sunny day of sailing. It is recommended that you choose a hat which has an all-round brim to protect you from the sun. Make sure to clip your hat with a retainer onto your lifejacket or dry top to prevent it from flying away due to the wind.

Improper clothing during sailing can prove to be quite troublesome and it may also lead to unnecessary problems. As such, you must ensure that you choose your clothing with care, which can keep you protected from the cold and from getting excessively wet.

Apr 01

How to keep moving forward when life beats you

How-to-keep-moving-forward-when-life-beats-youIf you know me personally, or have read about me earlier, you will know that I have successfully fought depression and moved on in life. I can either spoil another day by not doing anything useful or enjoy even the bad moments of life. The choice is completely personal.

You may feel that I have recently faced depression. That’s not true. I have battled through the tough moments of life from a very young age. I often struggle with physical exhaustion, low morale and lack of motivation, but does bothering about it help me in any way? No.

Therefore, I have devised a plan of moving on with life as it comes. I have learnt to accept the failures and stop complaining about it.

Accept the hard realities

If you get everything easily, you will never know what the real hardships of life are. You must learn to accept and enjoy the small achievements and feel proud about yourself. Do not think about the negative thoughts and keep trying to move forward. Carry out the small tasks with complete dedication and you shall never fail.

Never Regret

Life can be cruel sometimes. You may encounter an unexpected event in your life. Do not care about how much hurt you feel at that moment, find the power to motivate yourself to keep moving forward.   People usually make mistakes in their lives. The consequences may be hard to accept. But, you must let go of the past experiences. Forgive yourself for those mistakes and move on.

Take full responsibility

You are totally responsible for the type of life you are leading presently, be it your career, relationships or your moments of happiness. Everything is under your control. Sometimes you choose to ignore the hard times as it causes less pain. Listen to your conscience and inner wisdom to be aware whether you acted like a coward or not. If you choose to agree with your inner voice, move on in life.


I hit a punching bag when I am angry or undergoing stress. You can even use a pillow to vent out the frustration. You may also combine boxing and expressing your thoughts by penning them down on a paper to reduce stress. It is a better option than engaging in a fist fight with somebody.

Survival trip

In this fast-paced lifestyle, you are prone to developing health disorders due to stress. You must take short breaks from the busy schedules and spend time with the natural resources for a healthy life. Connecting with nature reduces the risk of illnesses and you experience a speedy recovery.

Smelling a flower, experience fresh morning air, listening to stream of water flowing on the rocks and chirping of birds are some of the moments that help you forget the stress caused by the daily chores. You must go for short weekend trips with your friends or family members to a forest or a wildlife sanctuary to experience nature. Even hiking or mountaineering is a relaxing option.

Mar 31

Time to practice public singing

Time-to-practice-public-singingIf you are only a bathroom singer or feel shy to sing in front of people, time has come to let go of your nervousness. A karaoke machine will help you get rid of the fear of public singing, and how?  Karaoke is a video game or an interactive entertainment system using which amateur singers read lyrics from a LED monitor and sing the recorded with the help of a microphone.  The singer can see the song lyrics on a video screen. The display screen contains an icon that moves and changes colors to indicate which part of the song is being sung.

A karaoke machine has a facility to alter the pitch of the input music as well as the sound produced.  Mostly, devices such as CD+G players, laser disc players, DVD or VCD players are compatible with a karaoke machine. The pitch of a song changes automatically according to the vocal range of an amateur singer. Many systems having a low audio output attempt to discard the vocal track from an audio CD using the Out of Phase Stereo technology.

Karaoke in video games

Presently, even video games have karaoke-based sounds. For example, Karaoke revolution is a video game that has been developed for PlayStation 2. This single-player console game gives the opportunity to sing according to the guidelines displayed on the screen, and the user will be scored on the basis of pitch, rhythm and timing of the song.

Karaoke and computers

Utility software has released to organize karaoke shows and play karaoke on a computer. A novel technology allows amateur singers to listen and sing on a social network.  The features of a karaoke system are available on a mobile phone nowadays. The software is developed based on Java MIDIet operating a text file that contains song lyrics and runs a MIDI file simultaneously to give the music. VCD players have a built-in karaoke system. While playing stereo recordings, one speaker plays the music containing the vocal track, whereas the other speaker plays the music only.

Karaoke box

A karaoke box is a popular hangout venue in Asia. It refers to a small room where people can rent karaoke machines on an hourly basis. In North America, a restaurant, karaoke bar, lounge or a club provides a karaoke machine for people to engage in public singing.  Recently, karaoke singing has become an evident feature in public gatherings, social parties, and annual celebrations at workplace in order to celebrate life. People also enter in karaoke singing competitions to enjoy with their friends.

Do you still feel shy or nervous of public singing? I hope not. You can check the website to get an idea about the best karaoke machines that are available to arrive at a wise buying decision. Remember to check the product reviews and ratings mentioned on the site before finalizing the product. You must check your audio quality, the system’s echo control, volume control and superior audio settings and enjoy an amazing experience of singing your favorite music with your friends and family members.

Mar 30

How Sailing Helps you lead a Healthy and Fit Life

How-Sailing-Helps-you-lead-a-Healthy-and-Fit-LifeWhen holidays set in, I always plan to include some amount of sailing. You can enjoy this fun activity with family and friends. And it is a great way to keep fit and healthy. While not many may think of sailing as an exercise, manning the sail boat takes more effort that what you can possibly imagine.

The good thing about it is you actually don’t realize you are exercising, because sailing is such fun to do. The open water, strong breeze and salty ocean air keep you fresh and lively as you maneuver the sailboat on the clear waters. You get many health benefits with sailing. Here are a few.

Build endurance

For sailing, you have to host and pull at the sails for maneuvering the yacht or boat, which is great exercise for your back, shoulder and improves muscle strength largely.

Cardio workout

While we often relate to sports like basketball, running and soccer as great cardio exercises for reducing risk of obesity, heart illness and hypertension, sailing too is as intensive as these sports. It improves cardio health. The huge amounts of oxygen you intake while you engage in the strenuous activities helps in better cardio improvement. While I do get good cardio workout by swimming in my pool, when it gets too cold, I have to give up on swimming. However, nowadays this is not a problem as I have a great heating system installed in my pool.


There is nothing more relaxing than being out in the sea. Without any signs of human activity, or busy traffic you see on land you get to be in the company of the vast and endless ocean and the blue sky. The sounds of the waves and the rhythmic movement of the yacht is soothing and relaxing taking away stress from your body and mind easily.

Peace and mental health

When you are sailing, you can feel the calmness engulfing you. I think it is mostly because of the salty tinge in the air. Research indicates that the moods of a person are largely affected by serotonin a chemical secreted in the body. The salty air helps in increased absorption of oxygen leading to better balance of serotonin. When the serotonin is in balance, you get more relaxed and happier and tend to be less prone to mood swings.

Improved flexibility

Sailing is by no means a simple task. You need to be skilled at various tasks that are needed for sailing. Activities like hosting the sail, pulling at the lines, so the boat moves smoothly serve to improve the coordination movement of hand and eye and is great to hone your motor skills too. As a result, you find your agility and flexibility improved vastly.

Increased concentration

Nowadays almost all people are multitaskers. To be good at the various tasks, they need to develop good concentration skills. To be safe while you sail, you need to focus on the various tasks, which helps you improve your concentration power.

And most important of all you need to communicate effectively with the other crew on the boat for the sailing to be smooth and uneventful. And this has to be via nonverbal means especially. You’ll find that you get enhanced sense of teamwork and cooperation, when you sail as everyone has a vital role to play in keeping the boat afloat.

Oct 11

Why Longboarding Is My Best Hobby

Why Longboarding Is My Best HobbyDuring the weekend I was as usual riding my longboard downhill, when I caught up with my friend who I haven’t seen for some time. He was amazed at the tricks I did with my longboard and wanted to learn them. I reluctantly agreed after he was quite insistent in knowing at least some of the basic tricks since he’s not as much exposed to longboarding as I am.

Longboarding origins

There are numerous hobbies that people enjoy passing their time with. For me it has always been longboarding. Longboarding is both a hobby and a sport that has become a sort of phenomenon in recent times. While skateboarding is definitely the dominant one from the time it evolved into a popular entity back in the 70’s as a derivative of surfing it has seen quite a few ups and downs since its introduction. Now it has become totally eclipsed by longboarding.

Riding styles in longboarding

There are four main styles in longboarding namely, cruising or transportation, free ride, slolam and downhill. Longboards form excellent transport modes with their sleek and fast speeds. The transportation longboards come in different sizes and shapes. Free ride is my favorite as it involves all the grabs, slides and tricks that people are awed at. Slolam is a highly disciplined ride which has you sliding in and around obstacles sleekly. The most extreme version however is the bombing or downhill style where you race at top speeds downhill. With the right longboard, you can master longboarding quite easily at least the beginning phase.

Tips for beginners

Once you get adept at handling the basic moves, you will start cruising easily in no time at all!

  • When you start on a longboard, you will feel clumsy initially while trying to get the balance. So before you get a brand new longboard, first find out how it feels to ride on it. Once you’re fully convinced about the sport, you can start going in search of the right one. There are several reviews online on longboards. Click here to know more.
  • Good quality longboards last longer and also make your ride more enjoyable. Know about the various parts from the decks, to the wheels and the bearings and how to check on their quality. Though good quality ones are expensive, it is better to spend on them rather than getting the cheap gear and not being able to ride well which will make you hate the sport.
  • Safety gear while longboarding is very important, particularly when you are new to the sport. Since you glide on concrete and with great errors and trials, when you fall you should not get hurt unduly. Make sure you have proper wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads to protect your limbs.
  • When you longboard, you should learn to fall the proper way by rolling into the fall, so the injury is not much.
  • Speed is something that most beginners avoid. Carving helps you to control the speed and boost your balance on the board. Foot braking, rolling the board or jumping off are some of the other ways in which you can control the speed.