It’s Good to Be Wealthy


It’s Good to Be WealthyNo one will tell you that money solves all of life’s problems (well, no one with half a brain, at least) but you can’t argue that it does have its advantages. Wealth can bring security to your life and give you the reassurance that you can afford the necessities and even afford to have some fun and follow your passions. Being wealthy is still a huge responsibility and if you don’t spend or invest your money well, it can end up adding more problems and stress into your life. Being responsible with your wealth, however, can make you feel happy and fulfilled at the deepest levels.

Follow Your Passion

Whether you want to start a business, travel the world, or do your part to solve world hunger; money is the access key to getting started. Being wealthy will insure that you have—or can get—the resources necessary to pursue your goals and make your dreams a reality.

Investing your wealth in what you are most passionate about is one of the best ways you can spend your money.  This is your wealth and, more importantly, your life. So don’t let anyone else tell you what you should do with it.

Of course, money isn’t the only factor. You also need your fair share of ambition and perseverance. But as a wealthy person, you can be confident that the only thing that can stop you from following your passions is you. So stop making excuses, get out there and follow your passion! Continue reading

Health Benefits of Extreme Sports


Benefits of Extreme SportsIf you have never tried extreme sports, you are really missing out. Just watching them can make them seem too intimidating to try—as if you have to have some serious courage even to try. But the fact is, most of the courage comes after you have started doing extreme sports. Living life on the edge teaches you that you are stronger than you think and that builds courage and self confidence.

What exactly counts as extreme sports, you might be asking. These are sports that include a certain element of danger. Of course, there is danger in any sport—you might throw out your back playing golf or sprain your ankle running—but extreme sports take it to the next level. Extreme sports are those sports that give you that adrenaline rush because doing them means risking death. Base jumping, surfing, moth sailing, skydiving are all included in the category along with a lot more. There are a million benefits of doing extreme sports. So here are just a few of them to get you motivated:

Self Confidence

Studies have shown that extreme sports can boost your mood and your confidence (yes, actual scientists have studied extreme sports. They were Australians, obviously). This is because extreme sports help you overcome your fears and show you that you are capable of doing way more than you ever dreamed of. It’s hard not to feel on top of the world when you have done something that scares the hell out of you and lived to see another day. You’ll be stronger, more confident, and ready to take on a new and even more challenging task. Continue reading

Motivate Yourself into the Healthy Lifestyle


Motivate Yourself into the Healthy LifestyleLiving a healthy lifestyle is not just about being responsible and trying to tack on a few extra years to the end of your life. All too often being healthy seems to mean sacrificing fun and pleasure along the way. And if that’s the case, why bother? A shorter but more fulfilling life seems far more desirable than a longer but miserable one.

But the fact of the matter is, those aren’t your only options. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be miserable and, in fact, it can actually make your life a lot more enjoyable. Here are some of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle:

Better Mood

Eating healthy and staying active can do wonders for your mood. At the biological level, both of these things release hormones that contribute to lowering stress and boosting happiness. At the mental level, it makes you feel more self-confident and motivated. All around, the way you live reflects on the way you feel. So if you are a lethargic couch potato, you are going to feel (and probably look) like a lethargic couch potato. If you are fit and active, you are going to feel like.

Having Fun

It’s not tough to see that active, healthy people have more fun. Not only does it get supremely boring sitting around the house all day when compared to going out and playing sports or exploring the wilderness; but they are physically capable of having more fun. They have more energy, strength, and stamina which is great for outdoors and in the bedroom! Continue reading

Moth Sailing: The Art of Gliding


Moth Sailing: The Art of GlidingMoth sailing is one of the greatest extreme sports out there. Being out there on the water, flying across and seemingly defying physics can add up to one of the most fulfilling pastimes you will ever try.

Moth sailing lets you experience a kind of beauty and philosophical understanding you can’t always put easily in words. Plus there are huge benefits to doing this sport and living an active lifestyle in general.

If you have been reading this and thinking, “Well, that’s all well and good but what exactly is moth sailing?” Then read on to figure out what exactly we are talking about here:

Moth Sailing: The Basics

Looking at the hydrofoil moth boat, your first impression will probably be some degree of bewilderment. No part of its design looks like it should work. But its design is uniquely structured for speed and dexterity. It can fly through water silently and quickly. It is wholly unlike any other kind of sailing.

Certain designs of moth can reach speeds above 30 knots (that’s nearly 60 kilometers per hour). All designs are built for racing but whether you compete or just do it on your own time, moth sailing is an amazing way to both relax and have fun.

The design of the boat makes it highly aerodynamic and much more streamlined. While it moves through the air and water much more easily because of this, it does make it a little more complex to maneuver at first so here are the basics of how to handle a moth boat: Continue reading

Nov 23

The Best Tools For Boat Maintenance

ship-831795_1280Having my own boat gives me a lot of pleasure, but it’s also a lot of work. I go sailing every now and then, and the experience itself is worth all the trouble, but the fact is that owning it is a job that never ends. Apart from having to make sure that it never sails off without me and that it doesn’t get stolen, there are plenty of other things that I need to take care of on a monthly basis.

Since I’ve accumulated a lot of experience over the years, I’ve figured out some things that make maintaining my boat a lot easier. They all include specific tools, and I plan on sharing their benefits with all of you who either already own a boat, or are planning to get one. So here is the list of tools I believe every boat owner should have.

Digital multimeter

This one is great when you have to do precise measurements on the engine or electronics. Among other things, it can test DC current, AC/DC voltage, both transistor and diodes, batteries and resistance. What makes it even better is the fact that it has an LCD display that’s very easy to read. It’s definitely one of the must-have tools for boat maintenance.

Reciprocating saw

Although it’s not among the tools specifically designed for maintaining a boat, I’ve found it extremely useful over the years. It’s great for quick cutting jobs, especially when you don’t need it to be very precise. I personally like this one best:, but there are plenty of other choices out there.

Air compressor

Now that you’ve finished reading Jason Saw Reviews, we can start talking about air compressors. These are essential for jobs like stapling, brad nailing and air brushing. If you want to do any of those things right, you’re going to need one of these babies. And you don’t need to worry about maintaining them, because they come with thermal overload protection.

Utility pump

Let’s face it, if you own a boat, there will come a point when you’re going to have to pump water in order to keep it dry and clean. And there’s nothing better to help you with this than a utility pump. Most can pump at up to 200 gallons per hour!

Boat trailer

Can you imagine moving your boat without one of these? I personally own a trailer that can accommodate a boat that’s up to 14 feet long, and it’s enough for me, but you can get an even bigger one. Most of them are equipped with rear signal lights that you can link to your car.

Trailer jack

While on the road, a boat trailer is not all you’re going to need. If you plan on leveling and stabilizing your trailer at some point, you should get yourself a trailer jack. My jack can lift a 1000 pounds in no time, and can be mounted to the trailer’s tongue as well, without making it hard to fold it away while traveling.

Nov 20

Building A Boat From Scratch

node-961743_640Building something from scratch can be really rewarding, especially when you’re looking at a finished product. This is why, after some serious thinking, I finally decided to build my own boat. As you probably already know, I’m passionate about boats and water sports, so I have an additional motive for doing this, but I really believe that it’ll pay off even if you don’t intent to set your foot in that boat ever again.

The whole process of building is, of course, quite demanding and time consuming. You’ll also need some powerful tools. But to make it a bit easier for you, I’ll describe the basics of the process, just so you know what you’re getting into.

Decide on the type of boat you want to build

You can’t do anything before you’ve done this. There’s a huge difference between building, let’s say, a kayak and a sailing boat. If this is your first time, maybe you should choose the simplest option.

Choose the hull material

After you’ve decided on the type of boat, you’ll need to do some research about the material that you’re going to need to use. And regardless of whether you’re building a boat that you’re going to use, or one that’s going to be just for show, you should pick quality materials.

saw-667135_640Cut the wood into previously measured pieces

This is where the heavy machinery comes in. If you’re opting for unprocessed wood, you’re going to need a log splitter. This is where I found mine: It’s basically a tool that allows you to cut large pieces of wood into smaller ones. But before you start cutting, find a design online and get all the necessary measurements.

Make cuttings where the pieces will be connected

Even if you buy a quality log splitter, it won’t help you with this. You’re going to need a finer tool to make the cuttings. But before you do anything, make sure you’re planning on cutting at the right spot.

Fine-tune the pieces

I’ve personally used a shaving tool to get this done, but if you’re working with processed materials, you could even try sanding them down. Just remember to keep on going until the pieces fit perfectly. It’s important since there’s no coming back after the next step.

Use waterproof glue to connect them

My decision was to use only glue to connect the pieces, but you could also use nails. All surfaces need to be clean and dry before you start applying it, otherwise it will all fall apart in a matter of days.

Sand down the surface

After you’ve put all the pieces together, it’ll be time for some fine-tuning. Sanding it down allows your boat to glide through water and achieve a higher speed. It’s, of course, also a part of getting it to look good.

Apply paint and finishing

Both paint and finishing need to be applied to protect the wood from getting damaged by water. So choose your paint wisely, and apply it in generous, but not too thick layers.

Nov 16

The Many Benefits of Fishing

The Many Benefits of FishingWho doesn’t love the ocean? The cool breeze, the fresh air, the calming wave, the warm sun, the soothing sound of water – there’s just so many things to love about the ocean. And it’s not surprising why I find moth sailing the best adventure ever!

But recently, I discovered another adventure the ocean has to offer – fishing. While I may have spent countless days afloat, I haven’t really tried fishing in the open sea. And I actually find it the most rewarding feeling ever. Hooking and eating your own catch at sea, what could be more satisfying than that?

Having been a sea-lover for years, I wonder why I discovered fishing just now. Had my friend not given me his old saltwater spinning reel, I wouldn’t have found the satisfaction of fishing. I was really excited with my first saltwater fishing escapade and prepared for it well. I even read about the best saltwater spinning reel from this site. I find reading tips about basic fishing tools and techniques definitely helpful. I guess the day wouldn’t be as fun (or it could even be dreadful) if I didn’t do some reading.

After a full day of fishing, I’ve realized some benefits you can get with fishing:

  1. Stress relief

Being afloat in the vast seas gives you a sense of freedom. It allows you to detach from your worries and releases you from the highly stressful, everyday routine. Fishing also enables you to interact with nature which brings on a sense of life.

  1. Health benefits

Being active and being outside will help you stay fit and also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Burning 102 calories per hour during fishing is not bad, right? Also, fishing will usually entail swimming, sailing and walking. You get to burn additional calories with these side activities. Best of all, you get to eat fresh, low cholesterol fish which is good for your health.

  1. Recreation

Having no catch after a bad day of fishing is still better than watching TV or browsing through the net. Perhaps, the most common reason why people love fishing is that it is fun!

  1. Socialization

Along the way you get to meet and learn from a lot of people. On my first fishing trip, I met a guy (an old-time fisher) and had a nice chat about fishing and life as well. He reminded me of some nice practical and inspiring lessons that I must have long forgotten. You can also tag along your family and friends as fishing gives you plenty of opportunity to strengthen social bonds and relationships.

  1. Self satisfaction

The Many Benefits of FishingAfter spending hours waiting for a fish, finally I got one.  My first real catch gave me a thrilling and satisfying feeling. The spinning reel I used was the same as the one I read about at It was a good day for fishing as I got a few more before I finally retired for the day.

If you haven’t tried fishing, you better try it! It’s a great lifetime skill and activity that is beneficial for you!

Nov 15

Shoot the Best Videos of Your Sailing Adventures

Shoot the Best Videos of Your Sailing Adventures The days of shaky, unedited vacation videos recorded with handheld videocams are over. With mobile devices now equipped with powerful video technologies, anyone can take videos, edit them and publish them instantly. For vacation-lovers, like myself, these gadgets are boon. They come in handy, allowing you to capture the moments anytime you want.

But if there’s one gadget that I consider the best for shooting my moth sailing adventures, it’s definitely a quadcopter. It was just by accident that I read some nice reviews about quadcopters from this website: I admit, I am not really into vacation videos but the amazing aerial shots from the quadcopter are definitely inspiring! After my first drone video, I instantly fell in love with it.

Drones allow high-resolution videos from an aerial perspective. It lets you capture the surroundings as well as the action. This is perfect for fast-paced sports and adventures, moth sailing included. Of course, if you are the one sailing, you have to bring someone to operate the drone.

While flying quadcopters are not really illegal, some people just are so negative when it comes to drones; often thinking that these RC aircrafts invade their privacy. To avoid run-ins with anyone else (and probably legal nuances), it is best to know the basic rules for flying quadcopters:

  1. Never fly beyond your line of site or at dark. (Even if the drone is equipped with lighting and a camera.)
  2. Don’t fly the aircraft more than 400 ft.
  3. Avoid operating a drone in highly populated areas.
  4. Never fly near airports, churches, parks, schools, hospitals, government facilities, and any kind of utilities such as water treatment facilities or power stations.
  5. Know the local regulations in your area about drone flying (such as if you need to register the drone or if you need local permit.)

Follow these rules and you should be free from any liabilities. As more and more people realize the excitement of using drones, the laws and regulations might change. It’s best to stay updated by checking with your local authorities. Usually, vacationers will not find such problems especially that majority of open areas don’t have flying restrictions. If you are new in a certain state or area, it is best to ask permission from local authorities. Flying drones is fun but you have to take rules seriously, lest you run afoul of the law and face felony charges.

If you are just starting out with drone-flying, a good model to practice with is the WLToys V262 quadcopter. Find out more about this inexpensive quadcopter by clicking this link. Start flying your drone now and capture the best videos of your adventures!

Nov 14

How to Maintain Your Moth Sailing Boat

navy-802969_1280Water and moisture are ideal for the growth of bacteria, mold and buildup of grime. The truth is that your moth is often in the water and splashed with waves, but that does not mean that it is clean. From time to time, it needs proper cleaning and maintaining. Here are some tips on how to maintain and your moth.

Find a flat surface for cleaning on the coast. Cleaning in the water will not allow you to clean the parts that are under the water. If you want to clean your boat thoroughly, find a flat surface on the coast where you can leave it and thoroughly clean it.

Get an environmentally friendly cleaning product. This is very important because the strong detergents can harm the dirt and bacteria, but they are also harmful to living creatures that live in the water and around it. After all, you do not crave for them in your water, right? A good work around cleaning can make natural agents such as white vinegar or baking soda. Of course, you need a bucket of warm water. Although a good steam cleaner is a great thing for cleaning many surfaces in the home, it may not be wise to use it to clean moth and sails because excessive heat can damage some parts. However, if your sails are made of fabric and not of synthetic materials, a high-quality steam cleaner can be a real help.

Get help. Cleaning in company can be fun and not only a duty. Besides help in cleaning, you will have someone to help you turn the sail or boat, or to  hold you something. Finally, maybe someone has a better, faster and more efficient cleaning idea than you. Look for the company, turn the good music and transform duty in entertainment.

Get to the cleaning. Modern sails are generally made from a combination of nylon and polyester. They are also easier to clean. Dirt and mold can appear on them. However, they are much easier for cleaning because their surface is not porous. A little rubbing with a sponge will remove dirt. This also applies to other parts of your moth. Dissolve cleaning product in a bucket of warm water, rub with the sponge and then rinse with clean water.

Place the sail to dry. This is especially important if you plan to fold sails. Moisture that remains in them will soon become a great place for the development of mold. That does not look and do not smell very pleasant. Worst of all, your work and effort of cleaning had no purpose. Before you fold the sails, it is important that they are completely dry. If you are planning to go sailing, then this process is not necessary. Your sail will dry in the wind.

After you have cleaned your moth sailing boat all you have to do is to show it proudly in the open sea and sail bravely among the waves.

Nov 13

The Importance of Physical Strength For Good Moth Sailing

gym-546138_1280If you participate in the moth sailing race, then you need a lot of experience, knowledge of techniques and, above all, a lot of strength for success. It is necessary to have a good preparatory training before the competition. Of course, training on water and struggle with the water and the waves is a key part of the training.

The more you sail, the more experience you have and know how to overcome problems when you are in them. There is no book that can theoretically teach you how to drive anything. Sailing experience is an irreplaceable lesson.

The fact is that training of sailing is not enough, not even for a completely amateur ride. Anyone who sits on the moth sailing boat for the first time will immediately realize that the sailing takes a lot of strength. Therefore, in addition to training on the water, it is necessary to do training on dry land. For good preparing are required daily strength training on power racks like these.

For driving moth and management with sails you primarily need a lot of power in the hands. This means that the training should include plenty of exercises to strengthen this part of the body. This is achieved by lifting weights, but also with a combination of various physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms, as various push-ups.

The strengthening of the abdominal muscles should not be ignored. In fact, they are equally important like  muscles on your arms. During the ride, a good part of the time, the body is in a semi-reclining position, which requires the engagement of the lower abdominal muscles. Weak muscles very quickly take you in the unbearable position. This makes it difficult to control the moth, and very easily can lead to injury. To strengthen the muscles of the stomach, you need a large number of crunches and exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Maybe the hands are important for starting and controlling moth, but strong muscles of the legs are also important. They make it possible holding for the boat, maintaining of balance and to switch easily from one to the other side of the sail. All this can be achieved by a proper exercise program in the gym.

Interval cardio training and running in combination with exercises is another good way preparing for the competition. A bit of a sprint, a little jogging, a set of exercises to strengthen the arms, legs and stomach and persistence will improve your fitness.

It is pointless to talk about the individual parts of the body that need to be strengthened. Although these are the most important, the key is to strengthen the entire core and be in good shape. Sailing may seem simple – you just sit down and navigate. However, this is not an activity for the lazy people. This is a very demanding sport that requires a lot of work. If you are unprepared, this could be a risky sport. Willingness and good preparation are essential for successful navigation. Driving moth is a combination of techniques, knowledge and experience that requires a lot of will and strength. It is an unrelenting battle of man and sail against the water, waves and wind.

Oct 31

My Choice of the Most Extreme Travel Opportunities

My Choice of the Most Extreme Travel OpportunitiesFor some people, living on the edge is what their life is all about. Not all of us prefer spending our free time lying on the beach or sitting in front of a TV. If your lifestyle implies bungee jumping or climbing inaccessible rocks, then you are lucky. Here you’ll find my list of opportunities for the most extreme travels in the world.

Space Tourism

If you are in a good shape and money is not an issue, space travel would probably be the most exciting and extreme adventure for you. Space travel companies such as Space X, Blue Origin, Bigelow Aerospace, Virgin Galactic, and Space Dev offer suborbital and orbital rides to their clients. Even with impressive price tags for such a voyage ranging from $200,000 to $40,000,000, you would still have to queue up.


For avid mountain climbers, Mount Thor in Canada is a great destination. Though it is far from being the highest peak in the world, its 4,101 feet of pure granite with an average angle of about 105 degrees, provides a thrilling challenge for the best climbers in the world. Not many of them were skilleed enough to handle the mountain though.

Off-Road Racing

Off-road lovers have a chance to feel their adrenaline pumping while taking part in the 24-hour endurance off road racing at the Yorkshire Off-Road Club in the UK. This club organizes off-road events worldwide.

You should also try their ATV off-road wood night racing. This extreme adventure requires both extra training for the drivers and additional vehicle equipment, including lighting systems such as powerful LED light bars. Check for more details about the latest LED light bars on this website.

This innovative technology is now widely used in car manufacturing to improve day and night visibility, allowing more safety to driving. At, you’ll find comprehensive guides and reviews which will help novices to find out more.

My Choice of the Most Extreme Travel Opportunities-2

Extreme Weather Survival

Experience the extreme at the coldest place on the planet which is situated in Oymyakon, Russia. The average winter temperature of -58° F (-46.6º C) will surely be a challenge for the most chilled survivors. If you’re not keen on low temperatures, you can try something quite the opposite. At Lut Desert, in eastern Iran, you can expose yourself to the hottest climate ever. The temperature reaches 159 degrees Fahrenheit (70º C), which is beyond the limit for any living being.

Military Tank Driving

Army lovers can experience unbelievable thrills from a car crushing event involving driving a real tank which is organized by a Kasota operator, situated in Minnesota, USA. While driving through obstacles, you’ll have a chance to navigate the FV433 Abbot and the FV432 APC. Knock yourself out with the 60 tons of metal!

Shark Diving

Finally, you can always try the thrilling experience of diving with white sharks at Gansbaai, South Africa. Here, hundreds of these outrageous predators are attracted by the large seal population. You’ll spend 3 to 5 hours at a diving excursion in close proximity to the sharks watching them hunt in their natural environment.

If you’re brave enough to try one of my most extreme travel opportunities, you can be sure you’ll get the unique chance to feel more alive than you’ve ever felt before.

Oct 30

How Sailing Evolved With Time

How Sailing Evolved With TimeOne of the best and unique qualities of time is that it never stops for no one, for nothing. Since the very beginning of this world, one thing that has been constant for certain is change.

Change is an inevitable part of the journey that this world has undertaken and it is like so ever since. Some call it the call of time and some name it more scientifically as evolution.

Evolution has been associated with everything which is a part of this world. So why would sailing fall away from its reach? The definition and the meaning of sailing have changed ever since man learnt the way to glide through water.

The invention of floating vessels were a part of the most essential list that had to be incorporated by the early men to progress upwards on the ladder of civilization. Initially the idea of sailing conceived to accommodate men to travel long and distant distances in a shorter span of time. Slowly and gradually it was proved to be an effective way for transportation of goods as well.

During those initial years, the knowledge of the art and the science of sailing were of great honor and respect. It was a revolutionary discovery. Then the science moved to more advanced spheres and this made way for larger vessels to come to game.

Large kingdoms turned empires with the strength of their navy. One of the most vital things that showcased the supremacy of empires was and is still today is the power of the naval forces and the technology behind them that make complex machines traverse through waters.

Though gliding through waters is just a kid’s play nowadays with the high end surf boards available for all, from all age groups. And for those who are afraid to get into the water, one can easily not get wet by surfing on roads with the help of the amazing long boards you will find at

With the discovery of buoyancy and other such stuffs the science of sailing got a whole new meaning. Vessels now not only sailed on water but also moved in water like fishes away the eyes of all. These advancements were a great help for the armed forces. But the tradesmen too reaped a lot of benefits from it.

Companies like the East India Company were formed and almost all European powers went out to capture and gain the riches from the east. Apparently, the endeavor was noble and mostly they were expeditions for the academic pursuits, but gradually the grip of lust captured them all. But again the benefits of the discoveries and inventions of sailing stretched its borders wider than these.

Today as a part of recreation, sailing is a wonderful option. One can spend a long period of time sailing. Long vacations and trips can be arranged and one such on cruise filled with luxury and full of fun is a great idea as well.

Sep 21

Dress for the Crash, Not the Ride

Dress for the Crash Not the RideI love riding my bike, but one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people just don’t wear a helmet. So here’s a little guide for buying them and a reminder to always wear them!

When you’re shopping for a motorcycle helmet, it’s tempting to let vanity kick in and put things like fashion and appearance over safety. Resist the urge: as Chris Sackett, vice-president of Bell Helmets, told the London Telegraph, “Dress for the crash, not the ride.”

He’s absolutely right. The brain is the most intricate yet fragile organ in your body, so it’s imperative that you protect it with the same diligence that you safeguard the other precious things in your life. In this instance, that means investing in a well-fitting motorcycle helmet that meets all safety standards.

I personally recommend full-face helmets, because when you’re out on the road with the wind blowing rocks and other airborne debris into your face, the more coverage the better. Some people I know hate that idea: they want to feel the wind blowing against them as they race along the road. But like Sackett pointed out, you need to dress for a worst-case scenario, not a pleasure trip. The last thing you need is a pebble in the eye when you’re navigating a hairpin curve.

Once you find a well-built helmet that you like, try it on. Perfect fit is the next criteria that needs to be met. Even the best-designed helmet the industry has to offer is useless if it comes off your head during a crash. The secret to finding a great motorcycle helmet is selecting the one that fits your head the best and looking at a helmet review page like – my personal favorite.

Another thing you want to consider is color. During the day, you may turn heads in a sleek black helmet that matches your dark motorcycle and leather gear, but you won’t be as visible at night. That’s something you need to be concerned about, as a lot of accidents are caused by drivers emerging from side streets without seeing oncoming motorcycles. I’m not suggesting that you force yourself to go with a bright orange or yellow helmet, but choose something with enough contrast to allow drivers to see you.

Once the choices have been narrowed down to safe, well-fitting helmets that are visible from a distance, there are still a few things to consider. Do you experience a lot of wet, humid days where you live? If so, you want to prevent your visor from steaming up. If your helmet of choice doesn’t come with an on-board anti-fogging system, it’s worth investing in one.

Ventilation is another consideration. When you’re driving in hot weather, you want to be able to keep cool. The type of bike you drive also makes a difference: with most touring bikes, the driver sits upright, so a specially designed touring helmet is the best choice. If yours is a sport-touring bike, you’re in the three-quarter position while you drive, so a dual-sport or race helmet is the way to go.

A motorcycle helmet is an important choice, but it’s also a personal one, because you’re the one who will be wearing it. The more informed you are when you make your purchase, the happier -and safer- you’ll be.

Aug 17

Fitness While Sailing

Fitness While SailingFitness is something everyone needs even to perform our routine tasks and not just for activities that need more exertion such as sports, hiking, trekking, bungee jumping etc. The difference lies in the level of fitness you need. While you need considerable level of fitness for strenuous activities, routine tasks need not require a high fitness level.

Although I know that moth sailing needs considerable skill and fitness levels, fitness in sailing generally is looked on in different ways. In my opinion normal sailing fitness is where you are able to do whatever things you do on a boat. If it is a sailboat, you need to have sufficient fitness level to handle the sails and manoeuvre the boat. But if it is a boat race, the fitness levels required are entirely different.

Fitness tips

To have a smooth sailing experience barring light wind conditions, you need endurance, flexibility, agility and strength. This will make it easier to do upwind sailing and in case of a race do hiking, gybing and tacking easily.

With the effective flexibility, strength, speed and endurance, it is easy to handle the various tasks involved in sailing. With proper fitness, you can arrive at better decisions and also use the appropriate technique effectively.

In whatever sea conditions you are in, when you are fit you will get a sense of wellbeing, which helps you enjoy the sailing more. Just last week I had gone sailing with my wife. She has gone on such trips several times, so knew the drill well. When a few of other fellow moth sailors commented on her skill, she said it was due to her practice and of course, the nice supplements she takes regularly.

When your fitness levels are not good, it affects your focus and you will be drawn to the pain in your body rather than the wind shift. For successful sailing being in good physical condition is must.

You can find many fitness programs that focus on getting you fit for sailing. These help in gaining the right level of fitness you need and also on how to maintain it.

What I say to my friends and relatives who go on their first sailing trip is that any form of exercise is better, when compared to not doing any at all. You need to plan a regular exercise schedule, and know the fitness level you want to reach. You should first try out the things that you enjoy best, so you can see to your fitness levels more effectively. And while you are exercising, make sure you are well hydrated and perform the needed warming up and warming down exercises. A balanced workout goes a long way in keeping your stamina levels high.

As far as moth sailing is concerned, you need to be relatively fit, sail a dinghy confidently and weight below 90 kg. The launching, landing and the main sailing may look overwhelming at the outset, but soon you will be eager to go with the right fitness and practice.