Nov 27

Why it is good to try new things

Why it is good to try new thingsUnlike people who enjoy the routine, I enjoy trying new things. Every new thing I try makes me richer for the experience, and I can really recommend you to try something new every day. Here’s why this is good.

You can enjoy new things. How to know that fishing or sailing with moth boat are not for you if you have not tried? How do you know that caviar is a great and tasty dish? Trying new things in life allows you to enjoy life. Life is more beautiful when you have more things you enjoy. We just have to find them. There is only one reliable, good way to do it.

You’re killing boredom. The same routine is great in some situations but often can lead to the fact that each day seems like a Groundhog Day. Trying new things is an effective way to deal with boredom.

It awakens curiosity. Trying new things, especially those that you enjoy, definitely will awaken your curiosity. In this way, you’re more interested in the world around, you learn and grow. I can say that you become a better man in this way. I became interested in woodworking and realized how easy it is to make and repair something when you have a good tool like this.

It provides a new perspective. Adopt a new routine and try something new every day. This routine will open a new perspective and a number of doors for which you thought they were locked. Sometimes you will discover in yourself the qualities for which you thought you do not have them. Sometimes it takes courage, sometimes confidence.

You are learning new skills. Every new experience is new knowledge or new skills acquired. True, you may not master them all to perfection, but you are going to try at least. You never know when you may need them in your life.

You’ll have something to talk about. New things create great new experiences and adventures. In this way, you will have certainly something to talk about. You’ll be able to fit in various societies, find a common theme with various people. When you get older and when it is easier to live with the routine, you will have at least something for retelling and something to remember. Of course, the age is not a sign that you should stop surprise yourself. You are never too old to try something new.

What new things you can try:

  • Try a new dish
  • Try some extreme sport
  • Go to the opera if you’ve never been there
  • Try to create a work of art
  • Write a poem
  • Try to be smiling all day
  • Go on a journey

You see, trying out new things is not necessarily always something big or physically strenuous. It is enough to enter only a small change to make life a little different every day. Perhaps your life will not be easier, but it will be much nicer and more fulfilling.

Nov 13

The Importance of Physical Strength For Good Moth Sailing

gym-546138_1280If you participate in the moth sailing race, then you need a lot of experience, knowledge of techniques and, above all, a lot of strength for success. It is necessary to have a good preparatory training before the competition. Of course, training on water and struggle with the water and the waves is a key part of the training.

The more you sail, the more experience you have and know how to overcome problems when you are in them. There is no book that can theoretically teach you how to drive anything. Sailing experience is an irreplaceable lesson.

The fact is that training of sailing is not enough, not even for a completely amateur ride. Anyone who sits on the moth sailing boat for the first time will immediately realize that the sailing takes a lot of strength. Therefore, in addition to training on the water, it is necessary to do training on dry land. For good preparing are required daily strength training on power racks like these.

For driving moth and management with sails you primarily need a lot of power in the hands. This means that the training should include plenty of exercises to strengthen this part of the body. This is achieved by lifting weights, but also with a combination of various physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms, as various push-ups.

The strengthening of the abdominal muscles should not be ignored. In fact, they are equally important like  muscles on your arms. During the ride, a good part of the time, the body is in a semi-reclining position, which requires the engagement of the lower abdominal muscles. Weak muscles very quickly take you in the unbearable position. This makes it difficult to control the moth, and very easily can lead to injury. To strengthen the muscles of the stomach, you need a large number of crunches and exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

The Importance of Physical Strength For Good Moth SailingMaybe the hands are important for starting and controlling moth, but strong muscles of the legs are also important. They make it possible holding for the boat, maintaining of balance and to switch easily from one to the other side of the sail. All this can be achieved by a proper exercise program in the gym.

Interval cardio training and running in combination with exercises is another good way preparing for the competition. A bit of a sprint, a little jogging, a set of exercises to strengthen the arms, legs and stomach and persistence will improve your fitness.

It is pointless to talk about the individual parts of the body that need to be strengthened. Although these are the most important, the key is to strengthen the entire core and be in good shape. Sailing may seem simple – you just sit down and navigate. However, this is not an activity for the lazy people. This is a very demanding sport that requires a lot of work. If you are unprepared, this could be a risky sport. Willingness and good preparation are essential for successful navigation. Driving moth is a combination of techniques, knowledge and experience that requires a lot of will and strength. It is an unrelenting battle of man and sail against the water, waves and wind.

Sep 21

Dress for the Crash, Not the Ride

Dress for the Crash Not the RideI love riding my bike, but one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people just don’t wear a helmet. So here’s a little guide for buying them and a reminder to always wear them!

When you’re shopping for a motorcycle helmet, it’s tempting to let vanity kick in and put things like fashion and appearance over safety. Resist the urge: as Chris Sackett, vice-president of Bell Helmets, told the London Telegraph, “Dress for the crash, not the ride.”

He’s absolutely right. The brain is the most intricate yet fragile organ in your body, so it’s imperative that you protect it with the same diligence that you safeguard the other precious things in your life. In this instance, that means investing in a well-fitting motorcycle helmet that meets all safety standards.

I personally recommend full-face helmets, because when you’re out on the road with the wind blowing rocks and other airborne debris into your face, the more coverage the better. Some people I know hate that idea: they want to feel the wind blowing against them as they race along the road. But like Sackett pointed out, you need to dress for a worst-case scenario, not a pleasure trip. The last thing you need is a pebble in the eye when you’re navigating a hairpin curve.

Once you find a well-built helmet that you like, try it on. Perfect fit is the next criteria that needs to be met. Even the best-designed helmet the industry has to offer is useless if it comes off your head during a crash. The secret to finding a great motorcycle helmet is selecting the one that fits your head the best and looking at a helmet review page like – my personal favorite.

Another thing you want to consider is color. During the day, you may turn heads in a sleek black helmet that matches your dark motorcycle and leather gear, but you won’t be as visible at night. That’s something you need to be concerned about, as a lot of accidents are caused by drivers emerging from side streets without seeing oncoming motorcycles. I’m not suggesting that you force yourself to go with a bright orange or yellow helmet, but choose something with enough contrast to allow drivers to see you.

Once the choices have been narrowed down to safe, well-fitting helmets that are visible from a distance, there are still a few things to consider. Do you experience a lot of wet, humid days where you live? If so, you want to prevent your visor from steaming up. If your helmet of choice doesn’t come with an on-board anti-fogging system, it’s worth investing in one.

Ventilation is another consideration. When you’re driving in hot weather, you want to be able to keep cool. The type of bike you drive also makes a difference: with most touring bikes, the driver sits upright, so a specially designed touring helmet is the best choice. If yours is a sport-touring bike, you’re in the three-quarter position while you drive, so a dual-sport or race helmet is the way to go.

A motorcycle helmet is an important choice, but it’s also a personal one, because you’re the one who will be wearing it. The more informed you are when you make your purchase, the happier -and safer- you’ll be.

Aug 10

Basics in Sailing

Basics in SailingI met a friend of mine recently at a party. We were very close during our school days, but had not been in touch since he went abroad for his studies. We had a great time reminiscing on our school days and the fun we had.

When I told him about my Moth, he was excited and wanted to know more about sailing. I invited him to come with me on my next sailing trip, so he could know about sailing more effectively. However, since he hadn’t been sailing before I thought it best to take him for a normal sailing trip first.

He agreed readily and we had a great time together. Here are some sailing basics that both experienced and novice sailors would benefit from.

  • Calm and uncrowded waters are best to sail in, if you’re just starting to sail. It’ll help you master sailing better, if you start practicing in low traffic and light winds initially.
  • To start with, a small boat is best to learn sailing. When you have fewer sails and lines, the boat will be easier to maneuver. The smaller size makes the dinghy more responsive. It is also great for practicing the trial capsizes.
  • A boat that is rigged with just a single sail is easier to learn, as there are fewer complications to deal with.

Safety tips

Some safety tips are the same regardless of the expertise you have. These include informing your departure to someone before the sailing trip, having a floatation device at hand and very importantly, you should know swimming.

Fortunately, the trip we had was a smooth one and we even managed to catch some really colorful fish. My friend wanted to take them ashore to add to his aquarium fish collection. He mentioned that he had a huge aquarium at home, which he maintained with care. He used only canister filters bought at, which provide a complete filtration.

Weather condition

Weather conditionYou should know the weather, tide, and wind conditions before you embark on the sailing trip. Adequate provisions, basic weather gear, and clothing should be brought along. When you are at sea, you need to be prepared well.

Sail control is another important thing that every sailor should learn. You should be able to alter sail settings, so you take advantage of the water and wind conditions. Sails in general should be flat relatively when there are strong or light winds, but full when you have moderate wind.


Capsizing should be done deliberately, so you know how to handle the boat when it really happens. You need to do it both in an uncontrolled environment as well as a controlled one. First-hand experience teaches you better than just reading about it or hearing it.

You should know when boom will swing, so you can avoid being hurt or worse being thrown overboard. Whether you’re a passenger or crew, you should be conscious of the boom always.

Lastly, knowing the commonly used sailing terms is necessary. You should know the different terminologies such as starboard, port etc.

Extreme sports for better mental and physical development


Extreme sports for better mental and physical developmentMy interest in extreme sports is something that worries my wife endlessly. I often say that if it doesn’t kill you, it is sure to make you stronger. The challenge that extreme sports provides physically has a great impact on your mental stamina.

According to the Journal of Health Psychology, you get stronger mentally. I dug up this information to appease my wife, but got interested in the research myself. According to researchers in Australia activities that involve putting your life at risk such as Base jumping, big wave surfing, waterfall kayaking and of course speeding (according to my wife) in my moth are considered as extreme sports.

In a study done on experienced athletes who involve in such sports it was found that when they overcame intense fear, it led to life changing experience that brings about better self-awareness and confidence.

In other words, when you overcome the physical terror it leads to psychological wellbeing and life fulfillment. Actually, fear is because of your lack of trust in your ability and yourself. When you are able to quell that fear you prove to yourself how much capable you really are. This has some great and positive implications in your life both in the present and in future, according to Psychologists attending the Queensland University of Technology.

While extreme sports are definitely good for your mental health, I also spend some time towards boosting my physical health via my regular training sessions with the grappling dummy I got at The consistent physical training, which includes resistance training and cardio, helps me to be in fit shape to get involved in the extreme sports.

If you are wondering whether you need to practice bungee jumping to get the benefits, rest assured there are much easier ways to accomplish the feat. According to studies activities that scare the life out of you like starting a new venture or quitting your well paid job or just signing up for a newsletter has the same benefits as taking up extreme sports. The single advice to keep in mind however is that you need to be well prepared before you jump into the task, so you are prepared mentally and physically.

While organized sports are preferred by some athletes, others like the freedom that extreme sports offer.  Further, there are advantages you need to consider, such as, the camaraderie you develop with fellow extreme athletes. You can find many extreme athletes belonging to some group or club.

Getting involved in the sport with a friend makes it easier to learn the maneuvers and tricks. And another benefit of such adventurous activities is that you get to maintain your physical fitness while you enjoy the sport. The regular practice needed to perform the extreme sports helps you keep your muscles in top condition and lose excess weight.

Aerial jumps you do while riding a BMX strengthens your triceps and biceps. And snowboarding down a slope boosts the lower leg and quadriceps muscles. One big drawback of extreme sports is the high risk of injury you face. Even a slight misstep can land you in grave danger.

Jun 25

Hunting on the Water

Hunting on the WaterWhen you think about finding game in or around the water, fishing is usually the method that comes to mind. This is especially true when you’re talking about looking for animals on the water, like if you’re already in a boat or some other vessel and surrounded on all sides by the stuff. However, with the right equipment and a lightweight boat that doesn’t disturb the water much, it’s possible to hunt from on a vessel too. I’m talking about ducks, geese and other waterfowl, though I suppose certain other animals wouldn’t be out of the question depending on what body of water you’re monitoring.

While you might not think so from a look, the moth variety of boat is actually perfect for hunting while on the water. It’s light and small, sleek and fast, able to move quickly without causing much disturbance to the surrounding water. This allows you, the hunter, to quickly move to an advantageous position before taking a shot which you might otherwise lose while trying to move around more slowly on the land or in the marsh. More than that, the light weight of your typical moth or foiling boat also means it can navigate waters where larger boats would end up beached or stuck.

Now naturally, I wouldn’t recommend using a firearm while actively riding on one of these boats, even if you live in a country where it’s legal to do so. The risks are just too high when you consider the degree of control you have over your position and compare it to just how much the water underneath you controls. No, if you were to hunt using this method, it would definitely need to be with a bow and arrows, or perhaps with a spear. The spear would be best for fishing… in which case you would just be fishing. Arrows are far better for winging birds and bringing down other small game though.

A good knife is another necessity, especially when you could get tangled up in your lines while on the boat you’re using to hunt in the first place. You can find knives and even boots which are suitable for boating at, which is a website I check once in a while to see new types of blades and boots, myself. It’s a great resource for information but not really a place to go to shop for such items. You could always take what you learn there and employ it when shopping elsewhere though.

Though the method is perhaps unconventional, using a small and mobile boat like a moth to hunt things on the water doesn’t exempt you from the same restrictions faced by those going over the land. Be sure to hunt only during the proper season for whatever animals you’re trying to get. Don’t go thinking that you won’t get stopped by someone from your country’s natural resources agency just because you’re on the water. If anything, you should realize you will stand out even more and play things closer to the line because of this fact.

Oct 11

Why Longboarding Is My Best Hobby

Why Longboarding Is My Best HobbyDuring the weekend I was as usual riding my longboard downhill, when I caught up with my friend who I haven’t seen for some time. He was amazed at the tricks I did with my longboard and wanted to learn them. I reluctantly agreed after he was quite insistent in knowing at least some of the basic tricks since he’s not as much exposed to longboarding as I am.

Longboarding origins

There are numerous hobbies that people enjoy passing their time with. For me it has always been longboarding. Longboarding is both a hobby and a sport that has become a sort of phenomenon in recent times. While skateboarding is definitely the dominant one from the time it evolved into a popular entity back in the 70’s as a derivative of surfing it has seen quite a few ups and downs since its introduction. Now it has become totally eclipsed by longboarding.

Riding styles in longboarding

There are four main styles in longboarding namely, cruising or transportation, free ride, slolam and downhill. Longboards form excellent transport modes with their sleek and fast speeds. The transportation longboards come in different sizes and shapes. Free ride is my favorite as it involves all the grabs, slides and tricks that people are awed at. Slolam is a highly disciplined ride which has you sliding in and around obstacles sleekly. The most extreme version however is the bombing or downhill style where you race at top speeds downhill. With the right longboard, you can master longboarding quite easily at least the beginning phase.

Tips for beginners

Once you get adept at handling the basic moves, you will start cruising easily in no time at all!

  • When you start on a longboard, you will feel clumsy initially while trying to get the balance. So before you get a brand new longboard, first find out how it feels to ride on it. Once you’re fully convinced about the sport, you can start going in search of the right one. There are several reviews online on longboards. Click here to know more.
  • Good quality longboards last longer and also make your ride more enjoyable. Know about the various parts from the decks, to the wheels and the bearings and how to check on their quality. Though good quality ones are expensive, it is better to spend on them rather than getting the cheap gear and not being able to ride well which will make you hate the sport.
  • Safety gear while longboarding is very important, particularly when you are new to the sport. Since you glide on concrete and with great errors and trials, when you fall you should not get hurt unduly. Make sure you have proper wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads to protect your limbs.
  • When you longboard, you should learn to fall the proper way by rolling into the fall, so the injury is not much.
  • Speed is something that most beginners avoid. Carving helps you to control the speed and boost your balance on the board. Foot braking, rolling the board or jumping off are some of the other ways in which you can control the speed.
Sep 26

Going Hunting with My New Toy

Going Hunting with My New Toy     I love going hunting with my friends. I starting hunting at a very young age, but it had been years since I’ve done so. That all changed when I met my cousin’s friend, Reggie. Reggie was a true survivalist; his father was a Marine and his mother was an Army nurse. He learned a lot from these two on how to use and collect weapons such as knives, bow and arrows, and guns. I admired him because he was a Boy Scout (I always wanted to be one) and would go hunting and fishing with his father, uncles, and brothers. Chock full of masculinity, and his mom had a mean arm when she would use her recurve bow. Anyway, it was because of my cousin and his friend Reggie that I was able to rekindle my interest in hunting.

I was able to take a look at the best air rifle reviews and make good judgments of what kind of rifle I was truly interested in procuring. Choosing the right rifle is not an easy decision to make, not at all. I was able to take a look at the site’s guide, a pretty intricate guide that I was confident would fit my needs as a huntsman. First, I will discuss in detail the main principles of choosing the right rifle.

It depends on what your intentions are with your brand new rifle. I wanted to hunt small game, like squirrel and rabbit. Knowing this, I knew I needed a single-stroke air rifle since they are harder and quicker to kill. If I was going for bigger game, I would have used a spring-piston air rifle. If you are looking for a firearm for competition, then you would have to check beforehand to see which type of rifle they will allow for the sport.

High caliber pellets are the way to go when hunting your game. I looked into .20 and .22 pellets since they are not too big, but definitely are not too small. I read that it is perfect for hitting small rodents and is perfect for better accuracy.  The .20 and .22 pellets are not best for larger game, so look into other sizes. Mechanisms vary such as CO2, pneumatic, and spring-powered. Now, onto the reviews. I was able to choose the perfect air rifle for myself when I looked through here.

When I looked for a gun, I am looking for something lightweight, easy to handle, and aids in my accuracy when hitting my target. I found the spring-piston rifle with a 4×32 scope. Look pretty cool, all black, inexpensive, and not heavy on me. I knew I found what I was looking for. When Reggie and I went hunting, I was able to kill a few squirrel and I hit a big, fat rabbit that we skinned and cooked for dinner. My new toy helped me with my hunting adventure, that’s for sure.

Moth Sailing: The Art of Gliding


Moth Sailing: The Art of GlidingMoth sailing is one of the greatest extreme sports out there. Being out there on the water, flying across and seemingly defying physics can add up to one of the most fulfilling pastimes you will ever try.

Moth sailing lets you experience a kind of beauty and philosophical understanding you can’t always put easily in words. Plus there are huge benefits to doing this sport and living an active lifestyle in general.

If you have been reading this and thinking, “Well, that’s all well and good but what exactly is moth sailing?” Then read on to figure out what exactly we are talking about here:

Moth Sailing: The Basics

Looking at the hydrofoil moth boat, your first impression will probably be some degree of bewilderment. No part of its design looks like it should work. But its design is uniquely structured for speed and dexterity. It can fly through water silently and quickly. It is wholly unlike any other kind of sailing.

Certain designs of moth can reach speeds above 30 knots (that’s nearly 60 kilometers per hour). All designs are built for racing but whether you compete or just do it on your own time, moth sailing is an amazing way to both relax and have fun.

The design of the boat makes it highly aerodynamic and much more streamlined. While it moves through the air and water much more easily because of this, it does make it a little more complex to maneuver at first so here are the basics of how to handle a moth boat: Continue reading

Health Benefits of Extreme Sports


Benefits of Extreme SportsIf you have never tried extreme sports, you are really missing out. Just watching them can make them seem too intimidating to try—as if you have to have some serious courage even to try. But the fact is, most of the courage comes after you have started doing extreme sports. Living life on the edge teaches you that you are stronger than you think and that builds courage and self confidence.

What exactly counts as extreme sports, you might be asking. These are sports that include a certain element of danger. Of course, there is danger in any sport—you might throw out your back playing golf or sprain your ankle running—but extreme sports take it to the next level. Extreme sports are those sports that give you that adrenaline rush because doing them means risking death. Base jumping, surfing, moth sailing, skydiving are all included in the category along with a lot more. There are a million benefits of doing extreme sports. So here are just a few of them to get you motivated:

Self Confidence

Studies have shown that extreme sports can boost your mood and your confidence (yes, actual scientists have studied extreme sports. They were Australians, obviously). This is because extreme sports help you overcome your fears and show you that you are capable of doing way more than you ever dreamed of. It’s hard not to feel on top of the world when you have done something that scares the hell out of you and lived to see another day. You’ll be stronger, more confident, and ready to take on a new and even more challenging task. Continue reading