Jan 09

Punching Your Way to A Stronger Upper Body

Punching Your Way to A Stronger Upper BodyAs an avid moth sailor, one of the most important physical aspects I need to develop is my upper body strength. I have to admit, I haven’t been doing my homework when it comes to strengthening my upper body. So recently, I looked around for some possible workouts to help me chisel my muscles. And I discovered boxing!

I may have seen (and even wrote about) different workouts and exercise routines for the upper body, I find boxing quite unique. It is not monotonous as the all-too-usual bodybuilding routines and common weight training programs. With boxing, you get to interact with different boxers. It is a high-intensity workout that will not just pump up your muscles but also develop strength, balance, confidence and endurance (a shot at world title isn’t bad either).

Boxing workouts cover almost all muscle groups in the body but focuses on your upper body, particularly the mid-section, torso and upper extremities. Take note that these gloves alone (you can see more of these gloves at http://boxingglovesland.com/) weigh around 20 ounces.

The weight may sound negligible, but just after a good 5-minute round of keeping your arms up, you’ll feel the weight bear down. This counterweight increases the upper body’s exertion which means more action for the muscles. In addition, you also need to beef up your upper body through push-ups, weight lifting and other routines. The mid-section is an important part for the boxer, so you will likely need to do sit ups (of varying difficulties).

Aside from developing your upper-body, boxing cross-training also includes the ability to improve agility, flexibility and overall condition through basic boxing routines, such as sprint training, medicine ball drills and jump roping. As you become more immersed into boxing, you would want to develop new skills.

The entire boxing training is way more motivational and fun than the dull and often boring weightlifting on free weights or machines. And since it is more fun, you are more inclined to follow it and stick to the training program.

What I find great about boxing is that anyone can try and learn it easily. I am totally an outsider in the world of boxing but with just a couple of training sessions, I think I already get the groove. It’s easy to follow the routines and techniques; you won’t feel lost or awkward. Another positive aspect about boxing is that it requires only very few supplies: a pair of gloves, wraps, jumping rope and a pair of shoes. These are all that you need to get started with boxing training. Of course, if you want to try your boxing skills, you would have to get to a gym and find a sparring partner.

I’ve read that a 6-week program is enough to give you the basic boxing skills and techniques, as well as the chiseled upper body. It’s a very interesting sport to learn!

Jan 08

Why Mixed Martial Arts is So Popular These Days?

Why Mixed Martial Arts is So Popular These Days?Since Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was launched in 1993, mixed martial arts have become the new trend in the fitness world. Mixed martial arts combine the techniques of boxing, Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Jeet Kune Do. More and more individuals, male and female alike, are now enrolling in different mixed martial arts training camps and clubs. And there are many reasons why many get easily hooked to this sport. The action, the adrenaline, the excitement, and the health benefits are just some of the many good things you get from training mixed martial arts.

And like any other sports, martial arts have its own set of rules, discipline, restraint and regulations. For instance, you may need to wear a certain fighting suit (such as a fighting bjj gi reviewed in this site) during a bout.

While it may appear that the sport will teach you to fight, it actually does not. Once the other fighter is done for, the bout is done and you don’t have to continue pounding on your opponent. It’s a sport guided by rules and not intended to teach you how to harm others. That said, let’s see what other people love about mix martial arts training.

  1. Builds confidence. By knowing how to fight, you feel a little more relaxed, calmer and freer. You are confident that you can defend yourself or a loved one in case there is a threat.
  2. Teaches discipline. As a sport, MMA entails a lot of discipline both of the body and mind. It also trains you to live a healthier life such as through sleeping and eating right.
  3. Excellent physical workout. A good 3-5 minute rounds of grappling or sparring is already a great cardio workout.
  4. Promotes self-defense. While you don’t ever want to use your MMA skills outside the cage, it would help to know the basic skills so you’ll be ready to defend yourself against possible attackers.
  5. Expression of inner feelings. Many people need an outlet for all the kept emotions and frustrations. With MMA, you can let go of your inner yearnings through physical expression. It is a legal way of releasing your aggression (but of course you have to put restraint to avoid overly hurting the other fighter).
  6. Teaches competition. In MMA, you are taught to strive well to achieve success at the same to be humble to accept defeat. Mixed martial arts will bring that winning spirit and drive which you will definitely find helpful in other aspects of your life.
  7. Stress reliever. After an hour of MMA training, you’ll likely forget about your worries and stress. It is a perfect means of releasing all the stressors in your life.
  8. Rather inexpensive and worthwhile hobby. Unlike other hobbies, MMA trainings will not normally cost you a huge sum. You may need to pay registration, membership and training fees, some gears and supplies, but considering the many health benefits of MMA, you will certainly find all these expenses worthwhile!
Nov 16

The Many Benefits of Fishing

The Many Benefits of FishingWho doesn’t love the ocean? The cool breeze, the fresh air, the calming wave, the warm sun, the soothing sound of water – there’s just so many things to love about the ocean. And it’s not surprising why I find moth sailing the best adventure ever!

But recently, I discovered another adventure the ocean has to offer – fishing. While I may have spent countless days afloat, I haven’t really tried fishing in the open sea. And I actually find it the most rewarding feeling ever. Hooking and eating your own catch at sea, what could be more satisfying than that?

Having been a sea-lover for years, I wonder why I discovered fishing just now. Had my friend not given me his old saltwater spinning reel, I wouldn’t have found the satisfaction of fishing. I was really excited with my first saltwater fishing escapade and prepared for it well. I even read about the best saltwater spinning reel from this site. I find reading tips about basic fishing tools and techniques definitely helpful. I guess the day wouldn’t be as fun (or it could even be dreadful) if I didn’t do some reading.

After a full day of fishing, I’ve realized some benefits you can get with fishing:

  1. Stress relief

Being afloat in the vast seas gives you a sense of freedom. It allows you to detach from your worries and releases you from the highly stressful, everyday routine. Fishing also enables you to interact with nature which brings on a sense of life.

  1. Health benefits

Being active and being outside will help you stay fit and also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Burning 102 calories per hour during fishing is not bad, right? Also, fishing will usually entail swimming, sailing and walking. You get to burn additional calories with these side activities. Best of all, you get to eat fresh, low cholesterol fish which is good for your health.

  1. Recreation

Having no catch after a bad day of fishing is still better than watching TV or browsing through the net. Perhaps, the most common reason why people love fishing is that it is fun!

  1. Socialization

Along the way you get to meet and learn from a lot of people. On my first fishing trip, I met a guy (an old-time fisher) and had a nice chat about fishing and life as well. He reminded me of some nice practical and inspiring lessons that I must have long forgotten. You can also tag along your family and friends as fishing gives you plenty of opportunity to strengthen social bonds and relationships.

  1. Self satisfaction

The Many Benefits of FishingAfter spending hours waiting for a fish, finally I got one.  My first real catch gave me a thrilling and satisfying feeling. The spinning reel I used was the same as the one I read about at SpinningReelPro.com. It was a good day for fishing as I got a few more before I finally retired for the day.

If you haven’t tried fishing, you better try it! It’s a great lifetime skill and activity that is beneficial for you!

Nov 13

The Importance of Physical Strength For Good Moth Sailing

gym-546138_1280If you participate in the moth sailing race, then you need a lot of experience, knowledge of techniques and, above all, a lot of strength for success. It is necessary to have a good preparatory training before the competition. Of course, training on water and struggle with the water and the waves is a key part of the training.

The more you sail, the more experience you have and know how to overcome problems when you are in them. There is no book that can theoretically teach you how to drive anything. Sailing experience is an irreplaceable lesson.

The fact is that training of sailing is not enough, not even for a completely amateur ride. Anyone who sits on the moth sailing boat for the first time will immediately realize that the sailing takes a lot of strength. Therefore, in addition to training on the water, it is necessary to do training on dry land. For good preparing are required daily strength training on power racks like these.

For driving moth and management with sails you primarily need a lot of power in the hands. This means that the training should include plenty of exercises to strengthen this part of the body. This is achieved by lifting weights, but also with a combination of various physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms, as various push-ups.

The strengthening of the abdominal muscles should not be ignored. In fact, they are equally important like  muscles on your arms. During the ride, a good part of the time, the body is in a semi-reclining position, which requires the engagement of the lower abdominal muscles. Weak muscles very quickly take you in the unbearable position. This makes it difficult to control the moth, and very easily can lead to injury. To strengthen the muscles of the stomach, you need a large number of crunches and exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

The Importance of Physical Strength For Good Moth SailingMaybe the hands are important for starting and controlling moth, but strong muscles of the legs are also important. They make it possible holding for the boat, maintaining of balance and to switch easily from one to the other side of the sail. All this can be achieved by a proper exercise program in the gym.

Interval cardio training and running in combination with exercises is another good way preparing for the competition. A bit of a sprint, a little jogging, a set of exercises to strengthen the arms, legs and stomach and persistence will improve your fitness.

It is pointless to talk about the individual parts of the body that need to be strengthened. Although these are the most important, the key is to strengthen the entire core and be in good shape. Sailing may seem simple – you just sit down and navigate. However, this is not an activity for the lazy people. This is a very demanding sport that requires a lot of work. If you are unprepared, this could be a risky sport. Willingness and good preparation are essential for successful navigation. Driving moth is a combination of techniques, knowledge and experience that requires a lot of will and strength. It is an unrelenting battle of man and sail against the water, waves and wind.

Sep 21

Dress for the Crash, Not the Ride

Dress for the Crash Not the RideI love riding my bike, but one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people just don’t wear a helmet. So here’s a little guide for buying them and a reminder to always wear them!

When you’re shopping for a motorcycle helmet, it’s tempting to let vanity kick in and put things like fashion and appearance over safety. Resist the urge: as Chris Sackett, vice-president of Bell Helmets, told the London Telegraph, “Dress for the crash, not the ride.”

He’s absolutely right. The brain is the most intricate yet fragile organ in your body, so it’s imperative that you protect it with the same diligence that you safeguard the other precious things in your life. In this instance, that means investing in a well-fitting motorcycle helmet that meets all safety standards.

I personally recommend full-face helmets, because when you’re out on the road with the wind blowing rocks and other airborne debris into your face, the more coverage the better. Some people I know hate that idea: they want to feel the wind blowing against them as they race along the road. But like Sackett pointed out, you need to dress for a worst-case scenario, not a pleasure trip. The last thing you need is a pebble in the eye when you’re navigating a hairpin curve.

Once you find a well-built helmet that you like, try it on. Perfect fit is the next criteria that needs to be met. Even the best-designed helmet the industry has to offer is useless if it comes off your head during a crash. The secret to finding a great motorcycle helmet is selecting the one that fits your head the best and looking at a helmet review page like http://www.motorcyclistlife.com/ – my personal favorite.

Another thing you want to consider is color. During the day, you may turn heads in a sleek black helmet that matches your dark motorcycle and leather gear, but you won’t be as visible at night. That’s something you need to be concerned about, as a lot of accidents are caused by drivers emerging from side streets without seeing oncoming motorcycles. I’m not suggesting that you force yourself to go with a bright orange or yellow helmet, but choose something with enough contrast to allow drivers to see you.

Once the choices have been narrowed down to safe, well-fitting helmets that are visible from a distance, there are still a few things to consider. Do you experience a lot of wet, humid days where you live? If so, you want to prevent your visor from steaming up. If your helmet of choice doesn’t come with an on-board anti-fogging system, it’s worth investing in one.

Ventilation is another consideration. When you’re driving in hot weather, you want to be able to keep cool. The type of bike you drive also makes a difference: with most touring bikes, the driver sits upright, so a specially designed touring helmet is the best choice. If yours is a sport-touring bike, you’re in the three-quarter position while you drive, so a dual-sport or race helmet is the way to go.

A motorcycle helmet is an important choice, but it’s also a personal one, because you’re the one who will be wearing it. The more informed you are when you make your purchase, the happier -and safer- you’ll be.

May 07

Tips On Skin Care

Tips On Skin CareI had an opportunity to attend a fashion event last week. The event was organized by one of my friends in the professional sailors club we have set up. I found the show quite awesome and said so to my friend.

Most importantly, I was drawn by the flawless skin of the models displaying the fashion wear. My friend commented that proper skin care with the special microdermabrasion machine advanced machines could give you instant and glowingly smooth skin. He had some interesting skin care tips to share with me. Here are a few of them.

Our skin has several vital functions, as it is the organ, which is the largest in our body. It has several functions including being the first defense against infection and disease by protecting the body from invasion of foreign objects, dirt and bacteria. It also protects the internal body organs from injury and regulates body temperature and fluids, so the balance is maintained well.

Skin also protects from the harmful Ultraviolet rays. You also get sensory nerve endings for detecting temperature and texture changes in the skin. When skin is healthy and smooth without any breaks it looks appealing and gives you a radiant look. When your skin has a healthy glow, it shows that your body is healthy too. Skin care actually involves both internal and external care.

Internal care

For internal care, you need to take care of the nutrition you supply to your body. When you eat a balanced and nutritious diet that includes fresh fruits, liquids, vegetables and proteins the skin will look healthy and vibrant. Increase protein intake is necessary, when you are having skin problems like surgical incisions and pressure sores.

Circulation is the next significant criterion that you should take care of for keeping your skin looking healthy. The skin is supplied by numerous blood vessels, so you need to maintain proper circulation for a healthy skin. Avoiding certain habits and behaviors will help preventing circulatory problems that can harm skin health. Smoking is one habit that causes extensive damage to skin, produces premature aging, wrinkles and several other risk factors.

Frequent edema can cause the skin over the edematous region to become pale, thin, and easily susceptible to injury. This is because of the poor circulation in such regions. Edema is well avoided, if you elevate your hands and legs and perform regular exercises that include a wider spectrum of body parts. Vascular disease due to smoking, high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes is also another leading cause of skin problem that can be managed by treating the underlying causes.

External skin care

Avoid using antimicrobial or antibacterial soaps as these alter the normal flora of skin causing defective functioning of the normal infection prevention action of the skin. Harsh lotions or soaps should be avoided.  Proper skin care treatments, like dermabrasion (read valuable info here), helps in keeping the skin smooth and glowing.

The skin crease areas such as groins and underarms should be washed frequently to prevent rashes here. Rashes all over the body may result due to allergies to drugs or food. Avoid anything that causes skin irritation.