Jan 09

Punching Your Way to A Stronger Upper Body

Punching Your Way to A Stronger Upper BodyAs an avid moth sailor, one of the most important physical aspects I need to develop is my upper body strength. I have to admit, I haven’t been doing my homework when it comes to strengthening my upper body. So recently, I looked around for some possible workouts to help me chisel my muscles. And I discovered boxing!

I may have seen (and even wrote about) different workouts and exercise routines for the upper body, I find boxing quite unique. It is not monotonous as the all-too-usual bodybuilding routines and common weight training programs. With boxing, you get to interact with different boxers. It is a high-intensity workout that will not just pump up your muscles but also develop strength, balance, confidence and endurance (a shot at world title isn’t bad either).

Boxing workouts cover almost all muscle groups in the body but focuses on your upper body, particularly the mid-section, torso and upper extremities. Take note that these gloves alone (you can see more of these gloves at http://boxingglovesland.com/) weigh around 20 ounces.

The weight may sound negligible, but just after a good 5-minute round of keeping your arms up, you’ll feel the weight bear down. This counterweight increases the upper body’s exertion which means more action for the muscles. In addition, you also need to beef up your upper body through push-ups, weight lifting and other routines. The mid-section is an important part for the boxer, so you will likely need to do sit ups (of varying difficulties).

Aside from developing your upper-body, boxing cross-training also includes the ability to improve agility, flexibility and overall condition through basic boxing routines, such as sprint training, medicine ball drills and jump roping. As you become more immersed into boxing, you would want to develop new skills.

The entire boxing training is way more motivational and fun than the dull and often boring weightlifting on free weights or machines. And since it is more fun, you are more inclined to follow it and stick to the training program.

What I find great about boxing is that anyone can try and learn it easily. I am totally an outsider in the world of boxing but with just a couple of training sessions, I think I already get the groove. It’s easy to follow the routines and techniques; you won’t feel lost or awkward. Another positive aspect about boxing is that it requires only very few supplies: a pair of gloves, wraps, jumping rope and a pair of shoes. These are all that you need to get started with boxing training. Of course, if you want to try your boxing skills, you would have to get to a gym and find a sparring partner.

I’ve read that a 6-week program is enough to give you the basic boxing skills and techniques, as well as the chiseled upper body. It’s a very interesting sport to learn!

Jul 16

Good Times The Affordable Way

Good Times The Affordable WayA few years ago, not so long in fact, one was able to go out on a particular day with the intention of having a good time without giving it too much thought. It would be a sunny day in the office at the end of the week and the idea of a road trip or even a trip to the amusement park with the kids could pop into a parent’s head without the dreaded accompaniment of what it would cost.

However as years have gone by, the economic stability that was previously there seems to have been gone by with them. More people are cutting down on their leisure time as a result of the economic downturn. This has left people looking for cheaper alternatives to replace what can now cost an arm and a leg to experience.

However, just because things cost more does not mean that one has to remove them from their budget altogether. There are other alternatives to getting an end result of a simple nature and one of these is by not relying on the commercial service industry. The main costs that are incurred during events such as family fun days or even a night out with the boys/girls are accrued outside the home at whatever destination that has been chosen to host the hurrah.

Going out for barbeque for example sounds like a wonderful way to spend the Sunday afternoon but the rise in food prices means that one might have to pay almost double of what they could have enjoyed a few years back for the same experience. But if one had a BBQ smoker, like those reviewed here, buying the meat and grilling it yourself in the backyard is a cheaper solution to get the same desired result.

Turning a night out with your friends to a simple game or poker night cuts down on the costs of all the expensive drinks on offer in comer establishments. One can get the same drinks from the store than they could at a hip coffee house that charges double the original price for a can of soda.

The new add-ons in most cable network packages allow an individual to rent a movie and it is pretty much a guarantee that a bucket of homemade popcorn will not cost nearly as much as one bought from the theatre. The advances that have been made in technology have enabled individuals to enjoy new technology such as 3D animation from the comfort of their homes through the use of 3D glasses.

One should still take the time to go out every now and then for special occasions, but there is no need to reduce the leisure time that one is able to experience simply because it is no longer affordable on your budget.

Necessity is the mother of invention and one is able to dream up multiple home alternatives to the activities that they used to take part in when everything was more affordable. If a number of individuals join forces, the ideas for these alternative “good times” can be more than forthcoming for a good period of time.

Jan 08

Why Mixed Martial Arts is So Popular These Days?

Why Mixed Martial Arts is So Popular These Days?Since Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was launched in 1993, mixed martial arts have become the new trend in the fitness world. Mixed martial arts combine the techniques of boxing, Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Jeet Kune Do. More and more individuals, male and female alike, are now enrolling in different mixed martial arts training camps and clubs. And there are many reasons why many get easily hooked to this sport. The action, the adrenaline, the excitement, and the health benefits are just some of the many good things you get from training mixed martial arts.

And like any other sports, martial arts have its own set of rules, discipline, restraint and regulations. For instance, you may need to wear a certain fighting suit (such as a fighting bjj gi reviewed in this site) during a bout.

While it may appear that the sport will teach you to fight, it actually does not. Once the other fighter is done for, the bout is done and you don’t have to continue pounding on your opponent. It’s a sport guided by rules and not intended to teach you how to harm others. That said, let’s see what other people love about mix martial arts training.

  1. Builds confidence. By knowing how to fight, you feel a little more relaxed, calmer and freer. You are confident that you can defend yourself or a loved one in case there is a threat.
  2. Teaches discipline. As a sport, MMA entails a lot of discipline both of the body and mind. It also trains you to live a healthier life such as through sleeping and eating right.
  3. Excellent physical workout. A good 3-5 minute rounds of grappling or sparring is already a great cardio workout.
  4. Promotes self-defense. While you don’t ever want to use your MMA skills outside the cage, it would help to know the basic skills so you’ll be ready to defend yourself against possible attackers.
  5. Expression of inner feelings. Many people need an outlet for all the kept emotions and frustrations. With MMA, you can let go of your inner yearnings through physical expression. It is a legal way of releasing your aggression (but of course you have to put restraint to avoid overly hurting the other fighter).
  6. Teaches competition. In MMA, you are taught to strive well to achieve success at the same to be humble to accept defeat. Mixed martial arts will bring that winning spirit and drive which you will definitely find helpful in other aspects of your life.
  7. Stress reliever. After an hour of MMA training, you’ll likely forget about your worries and stress. It is a perfect means of releasing all the stressors in your life.
  8. Rather inexpensive and worthwhile hobby. Unlike other hobbies, MMA trainings will not normally cost you a huge sum. You may need to pay registration, membership and training fees, some gears and supplies, but considering the many health benefits of MMA, you will certainly find all these expenses worthwhile!
Nov 27

Why it is good to try new things

Why it is good to try new thingsUnlike people who enjoy the routine, I enjoy trying new things. Every new thing I try makes me richer for the experience, and I can really recommend you to try something new every day. Here’s why this is good.

You can enjoy new things. How to know that fishing or sailing with moth boat are not for you if you have not tried? How do you know that caviar is a great and tasty dish? Trying new things in life allows you to enjoy life. Life is more beautiful when you have more things you enjoy. We just have to find them. There is only one reliable, good way to do it.

You’re killing boredom. The same routine is great in some situations but often can lead to the fact that each day seems like a Groundhog Day. Trying new things is an effective way to deal with boredom.

It awakens curiosity. Trying new things, especially those that you enjoy, definitely will awaken your curiosity. In this way, you’re more interested in the world around, you learn and grow. I can say that you become a better man in this way. I became interested in woodworking and realized how easy it is to make and repair something when you have a good tool like this.

It provides a new perspective. Adopt a new routine and try something new every day. This routine will open a new perspective and a number of doors for which you thought they were locked. Sometimes you will discover in yourself the qualities for which you thought you do not have them. Sometimes it takes courage, sometimes confidence.

You are learning new skills. Every new experience is new knowledge or new skills acquired. True, you may not master them all to perfection, but you are going to try at least. You never know when you may need them in your life.

You’ll have something to talk about. New things create great new experiences and adventures. In this way, you will have certainly something to talk about. You’ll be able to fit in various societies, find a common theme with various people. When you get older and when it is easier to live with the routine, you will have at least something for retelling and something to remember. Of course, the age is not a sign that you should stop surprise yourself. You are never too old to try something new.

What new things you can try:

  • Try a new dish
  • Try some extreme sport
  • Go to the opera if you’ve never been there
  • Try to create a work of art
  • Write a poem
  • Try to be smiling all day
  • Go on a journey

You see, trying out new things is not necessarily always something big or physically strenuous. It is enough to enter only a small change to make life a little different every day. Perhaps your life will not be easier, but it will be much nicer and more fulfilling.

Nov 23

The Best Tools For Boat Maintenance

ship-831795_1280Having my own boat gives me a lot of pleasure, but it’s also a lot of work. I go sailing every now and then, and the experience itself is worth all the trouble, but the fact is that owning it is a job that never ends. Apart from having to make sure that it never sails off without me and that it doesn’t get stolen, there are plenty of other things that I need to take care of on a monthly basis.

Since I’ve accumulated a lot of experience over the years, I’ve figured out some things that make maintaining my boat a lot easier. They all include specific tools, and I plan on sharing their benefits with all of you who either already own a boat, or are planning to get one. So here is the list of tools I believe every boat owner should have.

Digital multimeter

This one is great when you have to do precise measurements on the engine or electronics. Among other things, it can test DC current, AC/DC voltage, both transistor and diodes, batteries and resistance. What makes it even better is the fact that it has an LCD display that’s very easy to read. It’s definitely one of the must-have tools for boat maintenance.

Reciprocating saw

Although it’s not among the tools specifically designed for maintaining a boat, I’ve found it extremely useful over the years. It’s great for quick cutting jobs, especially when you don’t need it to be very precise. I personally like this one best: http://jasonsawreviews.com/dewalt-bare-tool-dc385b-18v-cordless-reciprocating-saw-review/, but there are plenty of other choices out there.

Air compressor

Now that you’ve finished reading Jason Saw Reviews, we can start talking about air compressors. These are essential for jobs like stapling, brad nailing and air brushing. If you want to do any of those things right, you’re going to need one of these babies. And you don’t need to worry about maintaining them, because they come with thermal overload protection.

Utility pump

Let’s face it, if you own a boat, there will come a point when you’re going to have to pump water in order to keep it dry and clean. And there’s nothing better to help you with this than a utility pump. Most can pump at up to 200 gallons per hour!

Boat trailer

Can you imagine moving your boat without one of these? I personally own a trailer that can accommodate a boat that’s up to 14 feet long, and it’s enough for me, but you can get an even bigger one. Most of them are equipped with rear signal lights that you can link to your car.

Trailer jack

While on the road, a boat trailer is not all you’re going to need. If you plan on leveling and stabilizing your trailer at some point, you should get yourself a trailer jack. My jack can lift a 1000 pounds in no time, and can be mounted to the trailer’s tongue as well, without making it hard to fold it away while traveling.

Nov 20

Building A Boat From Scratch

node-961743_640Building something from scratch can be really rewarding, especially when you’re looking at a finished product. This is why, after some serious thinking, I finally decided to build my own boat. As you probably already know, I’m passionate about boats and water sports, so I have an additional motive for doing this, but I really believe that it’ll pay off even if you don’t intent to set your foot in that boat ever again.

The whole process of building is, of course, quite demanding and time consuming. You’ll also need some powerful tools. But to make it a bit easier for you, I’ll describe the basics of the process, just so you know what you’re getting into.

Decide on the type of boat you want to build

You can’t do anything before you’ve done this. There’s a huge difference between building, let’s say, a kayak and a sailing boat. If this is your first time, maybe you should choose the simplest option.

Choose the hull material

After you’ve decided on the type of boat, you’ll need to do some research about the material that you’re going to need to use. And regardless of whether you’re building a boat that you’re going to use, or one that’s going to be just for show, you should pick quality materials.

saw-667135_640Cut the wood into previously measured pieces

This is where the heavy machinery comes in. If you’re opting for unprocessed wood, you’re going to need a log splitter. This is where I found mine: http://logsplitterpro.com/. It’s basically a tool that allows you to cut large pieces of wood into smaller ones. But before you start cutting, find a design online and get all the necessary measurements.

Make cuttings where the pieces will be connected

Even if you buy a quality log splitter, it won’t help you with this. You’re going to need a finer tool to make the cuttings. But before you do anything, make sure you’re planning on cutting at the right spot.

Fine-tune the pieces

I’ve personally used a shaving tool to get this done, but if you’re working with processed materials, you could even try sanding them down. Just remember to keep on going until the pieces fit perfectly. It’s important since there’s no coming back after the next step.

Use waterproof glue to connect them

My decision was to use only glue to connect the pieces, but you could also use nails. All surfaces need to be clean and dry before you start applying it, otherwise it will all fall apart in a matter of days.

Sand down the surface

After you’ve put all the pieces together, it’ll be time for some fine-tuning. Sanding it down allows your boat to glide through water and achieve a higher speed. It’s, of course, also a part of getting it to look good.

Apply paint and finishing

Both paint and finishing need to be applied to protect the wood from getting damaged by water. So choose your paint wisely, and apply it in generous, but not too thick layers.

Nov 16

The Many Benefits of Fishing

The Many Benefits of FishingWho doesn’t love the ocean? The cool breeze, the fresh air, the calming wave, the warm sun, the soothing sound of water – there’s just so many things to love about the ocean. And it’s not surprising why I find moth sailing the best adventure ever!

But recently, I discovered another adventure the ocean has to offer – fishing. While I may have spent countless days afloat, I haven’t really tried fishing in the open sea. And I actually find it the most rewarding feeling ever. Hooking and eating your own catch at sea, what could be more satisfying than that?

Having been a sea-lover for years, I wonder why I discovered fishing just now. Had my friend not given me his old saltwater spinning reel, I wouldn’t have found the satisfaction of fishing. I was really excited with my first saltwater fishing escapade and prepared for it well. I even read about the best saltwater spinning reel from this site. I find reading tips about basic fishing tools and techniques definitely helpful. I guess the day wouldn’t be as fun (or it could even be dreadful) if I didn’t do some reading.

After a full day of fishing, I’ve realized some benefits you can get with fishing:

  1. Stress relief

Being afloat in the vast seas gives you a sense of freedom. It allows you to detach from your worries and releases you from the highly stressful, everyday routine. Fishing also enables you to interact with nature which brings on a sense of life.

  1. Health benefits

Being active and being outside will help you stay fit and also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Burning 102 calories per hour during fishing is not bad, right? Also, fishing will usually entail swimming, sailing and walking. You get to burn additional calories with these side activities. Best of all, you get to eat fresh, low cholesterol fish which is good for your health.

  1. Recreation

Having no catch after a bad day of fishing is still better than watching TV or browsing through the net. Perhaps, the most common reason why people love fishing is that it is fun!

  1. Socialization

Along the way you get to meet and learn from a lot of people. On my first fishing trip, I met a guy (an old-time fisher) and had a nice chat about fishing and life as well. He reminded me of some nice practical and inspiring lessons that I must have long forgotten. You can also tag along your family and friends as fishing gives you plenty of opportunity to strengthen social bonds and relationships.

  1. Self satisfaction

The Many Benefits of FishingAfter spending hours waiting for a fish, finally I got one.  My first real catch gave me a thrilling and satisfying feeling. The spinning reel I used was the same as the one I read about at SpinningReelPro.com. It was a good day for fishing as I got a few more before I finally retired for the day.

If you haven’t tried fishing, you better try it! It’s a great lifetime skill and activity that is beneficial for you!

Oct 31

My Choice of the Most Extreme Travel Opportunities

My Choice of the Most Extreme Travel OpportunitiesFor some people, living on the edge is what their life is all about. Not all of us prefer spending our free time lying on the beach or sitting in front of a TV. If your lifestyle implies bungee jumping or climbing inaccessible rocks, then you are lucky. Here you’ll find my list of opportunities for the most extreme travels in the world.

Space Tourism

If you are in a good shape and money is not an issue, space travel would probably be the most exciting and extreme adventure for you. Space travel companies such as Space X, Blue Origin, Bigelow Aerospace, Virgin Galactic, and Space Dev offer suborbital and orbital rides to their clients. Even with impressive price tags for such a voyage ranging from $200,000 to $40,000,000, you would still have to queue up.


For avid mountain climbers, Mount Thor in Canada is a great destination. Though it is far from being the highest peak in the world, its 4,101 feet of pure granite with an average angle of about 105 degrees, provides a thrilling challenge for the best climbers in the world. Not many of them were skilleed enough to handle the mountain though.

Off-Road Racing

Off-road lovers have a chance to feel their adrenaline pumping while taking part in the 24-hour endurance off road racing at the Yorkshire Off-Road Club in the UK. This club organizes off-road events worldwide.

You should also try their ATV off-road wood night racing. This extreme adventure requires both extra training for the drivers and additional vehicle equipment, including lighting systems such as powerful LED light bars. Check for more details about the latest LED light bars on this website.

This innovative technology is now widely used in car manufacturing to improve day and night visibility, allowing more safety to driving. At LightBarReport.com, you’ll find comprehensive guides and reviews which will help novices to find out more.

My Choice of the Most Extreme Travel Opportunities-2

Extreme Weather Survival

Experience the extreme at the coldest place on the planet which is situated in Oymyakon, Russia. The average winter temperature of -58° F (-46.6º C) will surely be a challenge for the most chilled survivors. If you’re not keen on low temperatures, you can try something quite the opposite. At Lut Desert, in eastern Iran, you can expose yourself to the hottest climate ever. The temperature reaches 159 degrees Fahrenheit (70º C), which is beyond the limit for any living being.

Military Tank Driving

Army lovers can experience unbelievable thrills from a car crushing event involving driving a real tank which is organized by a Kasota operator, situated in Minnesota, USA. While driving through obstacles, you’ll have a chance to navigate the FV433 Abbot and the FV432 APC. Knock yourself out with the 60 tons of metal!

Shark Diving

Finally, you can always try the thrilling experience of diving with white sharks at Gansbaai, South Africa. Here, hundreds of these outrageous predators are attracted by the large seal population. You’ll spend 3 to 5 hours at a diving excursion in close proximity to the sharks watching them hunt in their natural environment.

If you’re brave enough to try one of my most extreme travel opportunities, you can be sure you’ll get the unique chance to feel more alive than you’ve ever felt before.

Jun 25

Hunting on the Water

Hunting on the WaterWhen you think about finding game in or around the water, fishing is usually the method that comes to mind. This is especially true when you’re talking about looking for animals on the water, like if you’re already in a boat or some other vessel and surrounded on all sides by the stuff. However, with the right equipment and a lightweight boat that doesn’t disturb the water much, it’s possible to hunt from on a vessel too. I’m talking about ducks, geese and other waterfowl, though I suppose certain other animals wouldn’t be out of the question depending on what body of water you’re monitoring.

While you might not think so from a look, the moth variety of boat is actually perfect for hunting while on the water. It’s light and small, sleek and fast, able to move quickly without causing much disturbance to the surrounding water. This allows you, the hunter, to quickly move to an advantageous position before taking a shot which you might otherwise lose while trying to move around more slowly on the land or in the marsh. More than that, the light weight of your typical moth or foiling boat also means it can navigate waters where larger boats would end up beached or stuck.

Now naturally, I wouldn’t recommend using a firearm while actively riding on one of these boats, even if you live in a country where it’s legal to do so. The risks are just too high when you consider the degree of control you have over your position and compare it to just how much the water underneath you controls. No, if you were to hunt using this method, it would definitely need to be with a bow and arrows, or perhaps with a spear. The spear would be best for fishing… in which case you would just be fishing. Arrows are far better for winging birds and bringing down other small game though.

A good knife is another necessity, especially when you could get tangled up in your lines while on the boat you’re using to hunt in the first place. You can find knives and even boots which are suitable for boating at http://www.edgehunting.com/, which is a website I check once in a while to see new types of blades and boots, myself. It’s a great resource for information but not really a place to go to shop for such items. You could always take what you learn there and employ it when shopping elsewhere though.

Though the method is perhaps unconventional, using a small and mobile boat like a moth to hunt things on the water doesn’t exempt you from the same restrictions faced by those going over the land. Be sure to hunt only during the proper season for whatever animals you’re trying to get. Don’t go thinking that you won’t get stopped by someone from your country’s natural resources agency just because you’re on the water. If anything, you should realize you will stand out even more and play things closer to the line because of this fact.

Sep 24

8 Reasons to Have a Hobby

8 Reasons to Have a HobbyMy mom used to say that everyone should have a hobby to turn to at the end of the day, so they can relax and have a good time. Yes, hobbies give your mind a soothing and pleasant experience, which can make you a better person. While you are young, you have so many chances for pursuing the hobbies of your choice and developing your skills. Parents usually sign up their kids for swimming, music or martial arts classes. There are so many classes from keyboard, drawing and dance to sports like tennis, football and skating that kids can join.

But these habits gradually wane, when we grow up and get more engrossed in our studies, job, career improvement, marriage and kids. I think this should not be the situation. It is important that we have some interest or hobbies outside our normal job and home life. It’s a very rewarding experience, which I’d not miss out on any account. Here are eight reasons on why you need a hobby.

  1. Meet up with people

Whether you are single or have just moved into a new locality, nothing creates as big an opportunity to socialize and find friends like having a hobby. You can join team sports, a sewing class as my wife did or a pottery or craft making class. My wife likes sewing – she uses her favorite serger to create nice clothes, and help me with patching my moth’s sail.

  1. Gives you self-assurance

Hobbies to my knowledge are the best outlet for the troubles you face in life. If you ever feel like your job is not working out as it should, or your relationship is in troubled waters, a hobby lets you build back your self-esteem. While you let yourself immerse in your hobby, whether it is playing the guitar or sewing some clothes, it gives you time to reflect and ruminate and make a clear decision regarding your life.

  1. Stress reliever

Hobbies sort of get you to a happy place, when you are surrounded by utter chaos. A bad argument or some unhappy occurrence at work can be put away for some time with your mind occupied in your hobby.

  1. Adds character to you

I’ve met many people who don’t have anything to talk about other than their work. This can put people off you permanently. Socializing is easy when you have something interesting to talk about like your recent hiking trip to the Himalayas.

  1. Let you connect

The hobby you have can help you connect with likeminded people. For instance, if you’re into gardening, you can find someone with the same interest and striking a conversation and a friendship is easy.

  1. Chase away boredom

This is the best one that I can attest to. If you have an interesting hobby, why would you laze around in the couch and watch all those energy sapping serials and shows on TV? A hobby gives you some purpose and satisfaction too.

  1. Keeps you young

Though you may not find about this now, when you get old these interests keep your mind young and happy.

  1. Boost your outlook

With more knowledge, you give food for your thought and get a good outlook on life, which will enrich it and make you grow stronger and happier.