Jan 08

Why Mixed Martial Arts is So Popular These Days?

Why Mixed Martial Arts is So Popular These Days?Since Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was launched in 1993, mixed martial arts have become the new trend in the fitness world. Mixed martial arts combine the techniques of boxing, Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Jeet Kune Do. More and more individuals, male and female alike, are now enrolling in different mixed martial arts training camps and clubs. And there are many reasons why many get easily hooked to this sport. The action, the adrenaline, the excitement, and the health benefits are just some of the many good things you get from training mixed martial arts.

And like any other sports, martial arts have its own set of rules, discipline, restraint and regulations. For instance, you may need to wear a certain fighting suit (such as a fighting bjj gi reviewed in this site) during a bout.

While it may appear that the sport will teach you to fight, it actually does not. Once the other fighter is done for, the bout is done and you don’t have to continue pounding on your opponent. It’s a sport guided by rules and not intended to teach you how to harm others. That said, let’s see what other people love about mix martial arts training.

  1. Builds confidence. By knowing how to fight, you feel a little more relaxed, calmer and freer. You are confident that you can defend yourself or a loved one in case there is a threat.
  2. Teaches discipline. As a sport, MMA entails a lot of discipline both of the body and mind. It also trains you to live a healthier life such as through sleeping and eating right.
  3. Excellent physical workout. A good 3-5 minute rounds of grappling or sparring is already a great cardio workout.
  4. Promotes self-defense. While you don’t ever want to use your MMA skills outside the cage, it would help to know the basic skills so you’ll be ready to defend yourself against possible attackers.
  5. Expression of inner feelings. Many people need an outlet for all the kept emotions and frustrations. With MMA, you can let go of your inner yearnings through physical expression. It is a legal way of releasing your aggression (but of course you have to put restraint to avoid overly hurting the other fighter).
  6. Teaches competition. In MMA, you are taught to strive well to achieve success at the same to be humble to accept defeat. Mixed martial arts will bring that winning spirit and drive which you will definitely find helpful in other aspects of your life.
  7. Stress reliever. After an hour of MMA training, you’ll likely forget about your worries and stress. It is a perfect means of releasing all the stressors in your life.
  8. Rather inexpensive and worthwhile hobby. Unlike other hobbies, MMA trainings will not normally cost you a huge sum. You may need to pay registration, membership and training fees, some gears and supplies, but considering the many health benefits of MMA, you will certainly find all these expenses worthwhile!
Nov 27

Why it is good to try new things

Why it is good to try new thingsUnlike people who enjoy the routine, I enjoy trying new things. Every new thing I try makes me richer for the experience, and I can really recommend you to try something new every day. Here’s why this is good.

You can enjoy new things. How to know that fishing or sailing with moth boat are not for you if you have not tried? How do you know that caviar is a great and tasty dish? Trying new things in life allows you to enjoy life. Life is more beautiful when you have more things you enjoy. We just have to find them. There is only one reliable, good way to do it.

You’re killing boredom. The same routine is great in some situations but often can lead to the fact that each day seems like a Groundhog Day. Trying new things is an effective way to deal with boredom.

It awakens curiosity. Trying new things, especially those that you enjoy, definitely will awaken your curiosity. In this way, you’re more interested in the world around, you learn and grow. I can say that you become a better man in this way. I became interested in woodworking and realized how easy it is to make and repair something when you have a good tool like this.

It provides a new perspective. Adopt a new routine and try something new every day. This routine will open a new perspective and a number of doors for which you thought they were locked. Sometimes you will discover in yourself the qualities for which you thought you do not have them. Sometimes it takes courage, sometimes confidence.

You are learning new skills. Every new experience is new knowledge or new skills acquired. True, you may not master them all to perfection, but you are going to try at least. You never know when you may need them in your life.

You’ll have something to talk about. New things create great new experiences and adventures. In this way, you will have certainly something to talk about. You’ll be able to fit in various societies, find a common theme with various people. When you get older and when it is easier to live with the routine, you will have at least something for retelling and something to remember. Of course, the age is not a sign that you should stop surprise yourself. You are never too old to try something new.

What new things you can try:

  • Try a new dish
  • Try some extreme sport
  • Go to the opera if you’ve never been there
  • Try to create a work of art
  • Write a poem
  • Try to be smiling all day
  • Go on a journey

You see, trying out new things is not necessarily always something big or physically strenuous. It is enough to enter only a small change to make life a little different every day. Perhaps your life will not be easier, but it will be much nicer and more fulfilling.

Nov 16

The Many Benefits of Fishing

The Many Benefits of FishingWho doesn’t love the ocean? The cool breeze, the fresh air, the calming wave, the warm sun, the soothing sound of water – there’s just so many things to love about the ocean. And it’s not surprising why I find moth sailing the best adventure ever!

But recently, I discovered another adventure the ocean has to offer – fishing. While I may have spent countless days afloat, I haven’t really tried fishing in the open sea. And I actually find it the most rewarding feeling ever. Hooking and eating your own catch at sea, what could be more satisfying than that?

Having been a sea-lover for years, I wonder why I discovered fishing just now. Had my friend not given me his old saltwater spinning reel, I wouldn’t have found the satisfaction of fishing. I was really excited with my first saltwater fishing escapade and prepared for it well. I even read about the best saltwater spinning reel from this site. I find reading tips about basic fishing tools and techniques definitely helpful. I guess the day wouldn’t be as fun (or it could even be dreadful) if I didn’t do some reading.

After a full day of fishing, I’ve realized some benefits you can get with fishing:

  1. Stress relief

Being afloat in the vast seas gives you a sense of freedom. It allows you to detach from your worries and releases you from the highly stressful, everyday routine. Fishing also enables you to interact with nature which brings on a sense of life.

  1. Health benefits

Being active and being outside will help you stay fit and also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Burning 102 calories per hour during fishing is not bad, right? Also, fishing will usually entail swimming, sailing and walking. You get to burn additional calories with these side activities. Best of all, you get to eat fresh, low cholesterol fish which is good for your health.

  1. Recreation

Having no catch after a bad day of fishing is still better than watching TV or browsing through the net. Perhaps, the most common reason why people love fishing is that it is fun!

  1. Socialization

Along the way you get to meet and learn from a lot of people. On my first fishing trip, I met a guy (an old-time fisher) and had a nice chat about fishing and life as well. He reminded me of some nice practical and inspiring lessons that I must have long forgotten. You can also tag along your family and friends as fishing gives you plenty of opportunity to strengthen social bonds and relationships.

  1. Self satisfaction

The Many Benefits of FishingAfter spending hours waiting for a fish, finally I got one.  My first real catch gave me a thrilling and satisfying feeling. The spinning reel I used was the same as the one I read about at SpinningReelPro.com. It was a good day for fishing as I got a few more before I finally retired for the day.

If you haven’t tried fishing, you better try it! It’s a great lifetime skill and activity that is beneficial for you!

Apr 22

What should you wear when going sailing

What should you wear when going sailingWhen going out sailing, there are a few considerations that you should make, before deciding on what clothes to wear. You will need to consider clothing which keeps your body at a comfortable temperature, allows for unrestricted movement and is durable and long lasting. Also – comfortable shoes.

The most important thing to consider is that the clothing you choose can keep you warm, even on the wettest and windiest of days. If the body cools down too much, it may cause hypothermia, leading to drowsiness and clumsiness.

As such, you should always ensure to wear proper clothing when going out sailing. While there is no absolute code for clothes to wear when going out sailing, here are some of the recommended clothing options for you to consider:

  • Wet Suit

It is recommended to wear or to carry a wet suit when sailing, especially if the day is not dry and sunny. Wet suits can keep you warm and pad you against any attacks from cold winds. Wet suits also offer unrestricted movement.

  • Shoes

When choosing shoes for sailing, it is important to select closed toe shoes. Running shoes, which can withstand repeated cycles of wetting and drying, are ideal shoes for sailing. Another good choice are comfortable shoes similar to those worn by nurses – like the ones at http://nicershoes.com/best-shoes-for-standing-all-day-reviews/ .

  • Polypropylene Top

Polypropylene long sleeved tops prove to be excellent for wet days as they can help keep the body from getting cold. It is recommended to choose tops with zippered necks, which can help avoid over heating of the body on humid and warm days.

  • Dry Top

What should you wear when going sailing

While dry suits were quite popular among sailors in the earlier days, it was soon found that these suits would restrict a lot of movement. A much better alternative to dry suits is to simply make use of dry tops, which are essentially the top parts of a spray suit or dry suit.

A dry top will not only prevent most of the water from reaching the body, but it also prevents water from evaporating and excessively cooling the body.

  • Shorts

While you may be wearing a wet suit, it is recommended that you always wear a pair of shorts over it so as to prevent it from wear and tear. Make sure to choose rugged shorts, those which can withstand some amount of abuse.

  • Life Jacket

While a life jacket is primarily meant for safety, a good life jacket not only helps keep you warm, but can also provide excellent padding.

  • Hats

A hat is always great to carry around on a sunny day of sailing. It is recommended that you choose a hat which has an all-round brim to protect you from the sun. Make sure to clip your hat with a retainer onto your lifejacket or dry top to prevent it from flying away due to the wind.

Improper clothing during sailing can prove to be quite troublesome and it may also lead to unnecessary problems. As such, you must ensure that you choose your clothing with care, which can keep you protected from the cold and from getting excessively wet.

Apr 01

How to keep moving forward when life beats you

How-to-keep-moving-forward-when-life-beats-youIf you know me personally, or have read about me earlier, you will know that I have successfully fought depression and moved on in life. I can either spoil another day by not doing anything useful or enjoy even the bad moments of life. The choice is completely personal.

You may feel that I have recently faced depression. That’s not true. I have battled through the tough moments of life from a very young age. I often struggle with physical exhaustion, low morale and lack of motivation, but does bothering about it help me in any way? No.

Therefore, I have devised a plan of moving on with life as it comes. I have learnt to accept the failures and stop complaining about it.

Accept the hard realities

If you get everything easily, you will never know what the real hardships of life are. You must learn to accept and enjoy the small achievements and feel proud about yourself. Do not think about the negative thoughts and keep trying to move forward. Carry out the small tasks with complete dedication and you shall never fail.

Never Regret

Life can be cruel sometimes. You may encounter an unexpected event in your life. Do not care about how much hurt you feel at that moment, find the power to motivate yourself to keep moving forward.   People usually make mistakes in their lives. The consequences may be hard to accept. But, you must let go of the past experiences. Forgive yourself for those mistakes and move on.

Take full responsibility

You are totally responsible for the type of life you are leading presently, be it your career, relationships or your moments of happiness. Everything is under your control. Sometimes you choose to ignore the hard times as it causes less pain. Listen to your conscience and inner wisdom to be aware whether you acted like a coward or not. If you choose to agree with your inner voice, move on in life.


I hit a punching bag when I am angry or undergoing stress. You can even use a pillow to vent out the frustration. You may also combine boxing and expressing your thoughts by penning them down on a paper to reduce stress. It is a better option than engaging in a fist fight with somebody.

Survival trip

In this fast-paced lifestyle, you are prone to developing health disorders due to stress. You must take short breaks from the busy schedules and spend time with the natural resources for a healthy life. Connecting with nature reduces the risk of illnesses and you experience a speedy recovery.

Smelling a flower, experience fresh morning air, listening to stream of water flowing on the rocks and chirping of birds are some of the moments that help you forget the stress caused by the daily chores. You must go for short weekend trips with your friends or family members to a forest or a wildlife sanctuary to experience nature. Even hiking or mountaineering is a relaxing option.

Mar 31

Time to practice public singing

Time-to-practice-public-singingIf you are only a bathroom singer or feel shy to sing in front of people, time has come to let go of your nervousness. A karaoke machine will help you get rid of the fear of public singing, and how?  Karaoke is a video game or an interactive entertainment system using which amateur singers read lyrics from a LED monitor and sing the recorded with the help of a microphone.  The singer can see the song lyrics on a video screen. The display screen contains an icon that moves and changes colors to indicate which part of the song is being sung.

A karaoke machine has a facility to alter the pitch of the input music as well as the sound produced.  Mostly, devices such as CD+G players, laser disc players, DVD or VCD players are compatible with a karaoke machine. The pitch of a song changes automatically according to the vocal range of an amateur singer. Many systems having a low audio output attempt to discard the vocal track from an audio CD using the Out of Phase Stereo technology.

Karaoke in video games

Presently, even video games have karaoke-based sounds. For example, Karaoke revolution is a video game that has been developed for PlayStation 2. This single-player console game gives the opportunity to sing according to the guidelines displayed on the screen, and the user will be scored on the basis of pitch, rhythm and timing of the song.

Karaoke and computers

Utility software has released to organize karaoke shows and play karaoke on a computer. A novel technology allows amateur singers to listen and sing on a social network.  The features of a karaoke system are available on a mobile phone nowadays. The software is developed based on Java MIDIet operating a text file that contains song lyrics and runs a MIDI file simultaneously to give the music. VCD players have a built-in karaoke system. While playing stereo recordings, one speaker plays the music containing the vocal track, whereas the other speaker plays the music only.

Karaoke box

A karaoke box is a popular hangout venue in Asia. It refers to a small room where people can rent karaoke machines on an hourly basis. In North America, a restaurant, karaoke bar, lounge or a club provides a karaoke machine for people to engage in public singing.  Recently, karaoke singing has become an evident feature in public gatherings, social parties, and annual celebrations at workplace in order to celebrate life. People also enter in karaoke singing competitions to enjoy with their friends.

Do you still feel shy or nervous of public singing? I hope not. You can check the website to get an idea about the best karaoke machines that are available to arrive at a wise buying decision. Remember to check the product reviews and ratings mentioned on the site before finalizing the product. You must check your audio quality, the system’s echo control, volume control and superior audio settings and enjoy an amazing experience of singing your favorite music with your friends and family members.

Aug 09

Significance of Dedication

Significance of DedicationThere are no shortcuts in life. You have to get to the nitty gritty and do your best to succeed if you truly have a goal in mind. The significance of dedication should be displayed, and I was able to show that myself.

I take Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and every week I practice as often as I can. I have always loved the art of defense. I have also incorporated some techniques to help me get fit and stay focused. I go to free yoga classes and  I have a weight training routine. Along the way, I have learned the importance of dedication and how I am able to achieve my goals.

First, I decided for myself that I needed to plan long term. The larger the goal, the longer it will take to set and complete. I took the first step when I researched and signed up for classes. I needed to purchase a new, perfect gi. I did not know where I could find the right one, but because of my dedication, I was able to find few specialised websites. I was able to look through the different types of gis as well as compare prices with online and brick and mortar businesses. Luckily, I was able to find the perfect white gi that I needed in order to perform on the mat. I was surely not going to use a dirty, dingy uniform.

The second thing I did to preserve my dedication was to remind myself that despite the fact I did not see any immediate results, that doesn’t mean I give up. I keep trying and trying until I get a response from all the hard work. I have put a lot of thought during the many hours of training to improve my overall physical conditioning. You have to constantly train your mind and body to quickly react in order to keep a dominating position. Just because you don’t get results quickly does not mean you won’t get any at all.

Another tip I would give to you about dedication is to not commit yourself to things that you don’t have your entire heart in. In other words, if you are not willing to dedicate yourself, to say, buy a new car, then you shouldn’t do it. It is easier to set a goal than it is to finish it. Make sure the goal is reachable.

Build a habit in order to get to your goal. Without habits, you will have difficulty to stick to your commitment. The importance of dedication shows when you get closer to what you want or need. Without dedication, how can you fulfill your dreams? I can proudly say that I went slowly and cautiously in order to build up to several hours of training per week. I also had to work a lot to save up for the perfect gi. Write down your short-term and long-term goals, figure out what you need to do in order to meet said goals, and find some inspiration to build positive habits.

Aug 08

How Fishing Helps Acquire Zen State

How Fishing Helps Acquire Zen StateOne of the best ways to relax, at least in my case, is to go fishing. Fishing in the great outdoors while on my boat, with the sun shining, is a great way to find calm and peace. It is a favorite hobby to many, but some wonder what it is about the sport that people find it so soothing. When I was a boy, I loved to go fishing with my family. It was a great way to spend time with my loved ones and to talk about subjects easily than with life’s distractions. It helped me build a close bond with my parents and siblings. One of the reasons people like fishing is because you can involve your friends and family.

You can take a couple of your friends, your son or daughter, or your entire family out onto the water in your boat and start waiting and capturing your fish. You can take away the young folk from their technology–cell phones, desktop computers, laptops, and televisions. Attention spans are terrible and have gotten worse over time because of these tools, even if they can be helpful. On the plus side, this allows you to discuss serious issues that are on your mind and allows more focus between you and the person you are talking to. It is an amazing bond you can begin or to build without the distractions.

Another reason why I love fishing is because it takes me away from life’s business. It takes my mind off of work and negative thinking. Everything is so rushed in the city and suburbs, but once you get to the waters, your mind just acclimates to the calmness of nature. Lakes, rivers, and ponds will have many fishermen trying to get away from all the technology and work-related stressors. Silence and lack of worry is worth the getaway.

The third reason why people turn to fishing for its relaxation purposes is because it is very inexpensive. If you are a beginner, amateur fishing gear does not cost a lot of money. Over the years, I had to discover a secret weapon to catch fish. After checking out some reviews at http://fishinggadgetshub.com/, I found some tools that I could utilize to catch some large fish for meals just for myself or family! Waterproof sensors and GPS tools are great to take advantage of. I know I said that you should avoid technology when trying to relax, but sometimes it is okay to increase the chances of getting a yank on your line. So, find a pole, save up for a tackle box, and step to it!

Fishing creates wonderful memories and great feelings of relaxation. When you feel are having a stressful day, you can go out to the waters and capture some fish to take home and enjoy. Not only are you making memories for yourself, but for the loved ones you are sharing these experiences with. Remember: enjoy the outdoors and have inexpensive, relaxing fun by yourself or with the ones you love.