My Favorite Moth Sailing Destination

Last weekend I travelled to one of my favorite moth sailing destinations – Hayling Island Beach. Not many people actually go sailing in this part of the ocean on ordinary days, although it usually hosts many moth sailing events throughout the year.

There are a lot of reasons why I find this spot the best. For one, it is the most accessible from my place. The beach is just a couple of hours away from my home. This comes in handy especially if I want to spend short weekend retreats. I could simply hop on my truck and drive to the resort when I want to.

The road leading to the resort is well-paved. While driving, you can bask on the fresh sea breeze at the same time let your eyes enjoy the lush scenery. You can take your truck directly to the beachfront but there are designated parking spaces, especially if you want to stay much longer. On certain occasions, the beach swells with people. There are a many happenings that have been staged on the beach. On one of my moth sailing trips, there was a beach volleyball event; the following week, a concert. Usually, these are rare occasions and have always found them a pleasant surprise. They simply make the place much livelier.

I’ve seen countless beachfronts but I could personally say that this place has one of the most stunning views of the great Hayling Beach. At sunset, one can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea, complete with a silhouette from tall palm trees. It’s as if the palm trees have been meticulously trimmed, perhaps with a pole saw like the ones reviewed at, to enable you to capture picture-perfect stills.

The place seems to be enveloped by the vastness of the seas. The soothing gush of water, the fresh sea breeze and the calming waves make the resort a personal favorite. Trust me, for someone who loves the ocean, I know you’ll love this place too.

But more than the scenic view and other features of this resort, the things that has drawn me back to this place for countless times are the memories I have with this place. It is here where I first learned sailing with my dad. Summer sailing excursions with my dad were among the happiest days in my life. He did not only teach me how to sail but also the love of the ocean. I remember riding my dad’s sail. It was just an ordinary sailboat but with some really colorful sail. He wasn’t really into speed or action instead he just wanted to leisurely cruise the seas. He loved the feeling of freedom that sailing offers. And this is one thing I’ve learned to too from him.

Looking back, I could say I’ve learned a lot of values in life in this picturesque beach. This strong personal connection makes me crave for moth sailing at Hayling Island even more!

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